Destroying Your Love Life And Don’t Even Know It


When you are on your first date, and you like the person, would you be texting and checking your cellphone for updates? I doubt it. This person would have your undivided attention. 

A movie shared would take second place, and you might even forget you saw it in the future. Every word spoken would be thought through so that you could respond with our best foot forward.

Why then, would things change once your relationship has become a shared existence? 

This fast-paced life and the digital world that comes with it has robbed us of our human interaction. The last thing you would leave at home is your cellphone. You go to bed and make sure it is charging ready for the morning. You no longer wait for your favorite television show; you can stream it, the telly stays on long after you should be sleeping. Is there even a bedtime anymore?

You return home from work, change into something comfy, start with the chores, and get dinner on. After a stressful day, the wine comes out. Next thing, the alarm goes off, and you are getting ready for another day at the office.

Roll on the weekend. 

The weekend comes, and your time is for your significant other, but then its friends and family; after all, they need time too. In this scenario, there are no children, take off at least three more days. How much of your week did you spend with the one you love?  

It is easy to see why divorce rates are so high.

You need to make time for each other, with no distractions. It seems like you are inseparable until real life happens, and then you become part of the furniture in a comfort zone. How could you be so wrong? The person you love should be just this — the person with the most love.

Ways to make your relationship work;

Keep communication open. We are individuals with our own ways and thoughts..

Acknowledge each other and our different ways.

Make time for each other, quality time, a date, an evening out just the two of you.

Alone time is good even when you are living together; we all need space. 

Support each other with whatever the other is going through. Not one of us are exactly the same, we all have different, we have different wants, likes, taste, emotions, and the list goes on.

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