Your Forever Person Is More Than Someone You’re Attracted To


Your true partner in life will never allow any harm to come to you. They linger on your words, which has meaning to them.

It is very seldom that you find the right person at your first attempt. Very few have this privilege in life. It is from past experiences that we learn to be wary of potential partners. We tend to be on guard and judge, which is considered a safety net.

You will know when you have found this person when you stop trying to explain yourself to them. You will trust them because they will set you at ease so that you can talk freely about any subject without being judged.

Their demeanor will be constant, and you will find yourself naturally attracted to it.

This person will make your happiness a priority. They will be aware of your emotional side and be your comfort when needed. They will also make sure that other people treat you with respect. 

Every aspect that concerns you has their attention. You will be treated with love and respect. That person is someone who will encourage you to become a better person.

Your laughter will sound childlike, as you enjoy the same jokes. People around you will notice that you have a different essence about you. You will radiate.

As a team, it is easier to fight life’s battles.

Your forever person will want you by their side for all of eternity because they cannot imagine being this happy without you. These feelings are mutual. 

It’s lovely to think that there is harmony, support, and caring forever. Your forever person will be that, and more.

As well as staying true to being your own individual being, a healthy relationship has to have these essential ingredients to work:


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