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You Will Never Forget Them But Someday Someone Will Love You As You Deserve

Love can sometimes be a bane of bliss and a source of woe, especially when the person you love decides to leave you. You might not be able to forget them completely, but with time you will let go of them. 

You held on to the idea of the two of you becoming something real. All those broken promises of a tomorrow will fade away into nothingness. 

You will somehow break free and remove the cuffs that stopped you from loving yourself. They couldn’t love you how you deserved to be loved. 

Untie yourself from their beautiful chaos and walk away standing on your own two feet. A couple of bruises will not defeat you, for you will rise from the ashes like a Phoenix.

Finally, letting go doesn’t mean that you will forget them. There will be times when all the memories come flooding back in, reminding you of them. 

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They could have healed your heart with their love and then ended up breaking it into a million pieces. 

Trust me, the scars don’t heal in a few days or months, or even years.

They will definitely cross your mind, and it might sometimes hurt or even make you smile. Still, you carry on moving forward even though you can’t forget them. 

Letting go is a journey. You might miss them, yet you might feel relieved that it’s over, or you might even want it to start again. Yet you have come to realize that the way to free yourself is by letting go of them.

I truly believe that there is someone out there in the world made just for you. Someone who will love you the way in which you deserve to be loved. A person who is honest and will never lose your trust. 

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This person will make you feel as if love is easy. You will meet someone who will prove to you that actions matter more than words. That will make you wonder where this person was hiding all this time. Little by little, you will let yourself feel again.

Your tears will turn back into smiles. That right person will make you forget all the unhappy memories and replace them with good ones. 

This person won’t swoop in to save you as society expects. Instead, acknowledge that you are strong enough to save yourself and get back on your feet. 

The ideal one will make you feel good. You deserve good because your heart has so much love to give. Anyone who receives your love should be grateful. 

The right person will realize that you are the best thing that ever happened and won’t be foolish enough to let go of you. Finally, your value will be realized. 

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