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How Come We Keep Making The Same Mistakes

How often have you thought to yourself in disgust: I did that again, and then questioned yourself why?

When we do something, we need to expect a result of this action. You find a recipe and bake the pastry in an oven. It will flop, or you will get a treat. If it flops, it will result in you changing the recipe? No, not always, sometimes you think you did not follow the recipe and try again. If you try a second time and get the same result, you would definitely reconsider using that recipe again.

Unfortunately, not all recipes come with comments and ratings.

Our self-belief plays a considerable role here. It is natural to weigh up the pros against the cons when needing to make a decision. You will most likely choose the option that will lead to the desired outcome.

If the desired outcome is satisfactory, it will be easy to do things in the same manner again. The reward will be sweet, and your next challenge should mimic a similar behavior.

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What if the end result was not the most important part?
What if you changed something in the middle, and it obtained an even better result?
How would you ever know if you did not try again?

It’s how we improve on ourselves. It is Life.

So if this is true, and you would prefer a different ending, you have to change your behavior and your attitude. It is difficult for a Leopard to change its spots, another trait of human nature.

So we will bump our heads, over and over again until we learn or the day comes that we stop learning.

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