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Why Making Friends Is Hard Based On Your Zodiac Sign

There’re 12 zodiac signs, and each sign has its strengths, weaknesses, traits, desires, and attitudes towards people and life. 

Here’s a list of zodiac signs and why making friends is hard for each sign.

Aries – Fire signs

You have a hard time making friends because people can’t keep up with you due to your inconsistent nature. Due to you having so much going on pushes away people. 

How to befriend an Aries: 

They’re fascinated by people who challenge them, even if they don’t show it. Their most compatible friends are those who can keep their impulsive decision-making in check. They like outgoing, social, and someone willing to do crazy stuff with them.

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Taurus – Earth signs 

You are stubborn and like to do things at your own pace. You are judgmental and don’t let people in very easily. So people don’t stick around to see if they’re qualified enough to be friends with you.

How to befriend a Taurus:

They do not like to be rushed or pushed into decision-making. They want to do things their way at their pace. Show your peacefulness and patience, and they will undoubtedly befriend you.

Gemini – Air signs 

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You give off an interesting vibe to draw people in. However, you can get distracted relatively quickly. You could let people down on your plans if another opportunity arises or you forgot about another one. It can be very frustrating for others.

How to befriend a Gemini:

They are the easiest to befriend, yet you would have to keep up with their intellectual requirements. They have sharp and imaginative minds, so you would be their best friend should you stimulate the intellect in a Gemini.

Cancer – Water signs

You have difficulty finding friends because you are seen as someone who smothers others, as you are caring, emotional, and sensitive. You come off intense when you express how you feel. So people move away from you. Little things in life and family are important to you.

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How to befriend a Cancer:

They would like a friend who cares about them and treats them with the respect they feel they deserve.

Leo – Fire signs

You need a friend who will give you the attention you feel you deserve. In return, you will be a generous, loving, and funny friend who will make them laugh regularly. 

How to befriend a Leo:

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They like to be social and have lots of friends, therefore making friends with them should not be challenging, especially if you compliment them to win them over.

Virgo – Earth signs 

You find it challenging to make friends because you are a perfectionist and closed off to people who aren’t. You are attracted to people who have high self-confidence. People find it impossible to be friends with someone who doesn’t want to get close and judge people by their looks.

How to befriend a Virgo:

They are easy to befriend if you are well dressed and well maintained. Mind your words if you want to hang around with them as they tend to be self-critical with low self-confidence.

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Libra – Air signs 

You have a likability that makes people want to get to know you better, yet your lack of decisiveness is a huge turnoff. Most people know you are only trying to ensure that everyone is happy even though you are so indecisive and don’t take the lead. 

How to befriend a Libra:

They like friendly and fun people and people that go with the flow with high emotional intelligence. They like deep conversations.

Scorpio – Water signs

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People find you intimidating, so they are afraid of approaching you. It is because you are reserved and mysterious. You find it hard to maintain conversations with people because you hate small talk and jump into personal questions. 

How to befriend a Scorpio:

They like to get into depth on any subject. Therefore, if you don’t like going into details, they will think you are hiding things from them. They will befriend you if you like going into detail.

Sagittarius – Fire signs

You are easy to approach yet not so easy to hold on to. You are non-judgemental and positive, with no tolerance for drama or small talk. Yet you like your independence. You could disappear for a while and reappear as if nothing happened.

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How to befriend a Sagittarius:

If you’re an adventurer, easy-going, and adaptable with a love for living life to the fullest, you will easily befriend a Sagittarius. 

Capricorn – Earth signs 

Since you don’t try to engage with people, it is hard for them to make friends with you. Your silent and pessimistic nature is a turnoff for them. You’re not actively trying to keep people away from you, but you tend to engage in conversation only if it’s something exciting to you. 

How to befriend a Capricorn:

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They like people who open up completely, even if it portrays their weakness and vulnerability. They respect people who are true, not boastful. 

Aquarius – Air signs 

You are an interesting person, with a kind heart and a humanitarian. Known for your creative and innovative thinking and easy-going vibe, you only like to connect with things that matter to you. You tend to keep people at bay emotionally; therefore, it makes people think you don’t want to be friends. 

How to befriend an Aquarius:

If you have a passion for talking about humanity, technology, and making the world a better place, Aquarius people will befriend you. They like to speak passionately about with they care about the most.

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Pisces – Water signs

You are warm-hearted and easy person. People find your open mind and kindness overwhelming, as you come across too friendly. So some people tend to doubt your true intentions even though you mean no harm. 

How to befriend a Pisces:

They are dreamy and imaginative people who spend so much time in their own heads. They like to discuss various things, yet there are times they would love to sit in silence, so therefore if you are comfortable with sitting in silence and not pressured into talking, you could easily befriend a Pisces. 

The basic rule of the signs:

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Fire and air signs are compatible together – think about oxygen and flame. Water and earth signs are compatible together – think of rain and plants. Fire and water signs can be dramatic and passionate, yet it usually leads to extinguished fire (energy) and scalded water (emotions).

Does your star sign sound like you?

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