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Losing A Pet Hurts Deeper Than People Think

Most of you know that pets give unconditional, nonjudgmental love. They are the first to welcome you home, even if you late. Pets are constant companionship, and they depend on you. Pets bring love and joy into many homes.

Your pet will always there for you when we’re feeling lonely or down in the dumps, when you need comfort and a warm hug, and when you’re happy.

It’s known to researchers that the animal human bond is strong. In the Journal of Mental Health Counseling, they asked a couple of pet owners to place symbols for their family members and for their pets in a circle representing each pet owner’s life. They tended to put the pet closer than the family member. 38 percent of the cases, the pet was the closest of all.

Hawaiian researchers discovered that the pain from a pets death usually lasts longer than the pain we feel with the loss of a loved one.

How can the death of a pet possibly hurts so much, it’s like losing a family member if not more?

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Director of the Center for Human-Animal Interaction at Virginia Commonwealth University, Sandra Barket says, studies aside, her experiences taught her that the intensity and longevity of the grief vary widely. Sometimes her clients are surprised and even ashamed that they’re grieving more for their pet than for their siblings or parents.

Should your pet have died from a disease or ailment, you could fall into a pit of guilt. Shouldn’t I have known? Could I have done something different for a different outcome? You could fall into depression.

For months, possibly even years, your home will feel empty. Every little thing could remind you of your pet. When you come home you still expecting to find your pet there.

Some people will say, “Get over it!” adopt another pet, yet the loss of a pet is a traumatic and painful experience, as it’s the departure of a best friend.

Many people feel that grieving over the death of a pet is not as worthy as the death of a person. This, unfortunately, inhibits people from grieving fully when their pet dies.

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Pet owners are so profoundly connected to their loved pets that they suffer as if they have lost their soul mate.

Coping with sorrow is easier said than done!

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