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Why Conflict Can Be Good

person rarely enjoys conflict. Most of us hate conflict and try to avoid it. We all want to experience the feeling of belongingness and be loved by everyone around us. It is normal to feel this way.

In order to avoid conflicts, we turn into people-pleasers. It is a terrible habit. We pretend to be someone we’re not to please others, which leads to a good vibes only approach to life. When we look for positive vibes by avoiding conflict, we can’t grow as human beings. 

Critical thinking is seen as something negative. We consider those who question things and point out flaws as “trouble-makers.” Especially the spiritual ego adopted by people makes it extremely difficult for them to deal with negativity. 

When we look for good vibes only, it drives us further away from reality, making us resist it. But what we need to learn is that conflicts help us to awaken spiritually; we learn so much from conflicts. If we have no one to show us our mistakes, then we have no chance for self-development.

Conflicts help you develop patience and forbearance around others, reveal your vulnerabilities and insecurities, and test your emotional and spiritual maturity. It acts as a teacher that shows how you can grow more. 

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Conflicts reveal the truth about ourselves. 

We should learn to embrace conflict, which can be done by adopting a mindful attitude that values conflict as a tool to learn and grow. Focus on what a person or situation is trying to teach you. If you are able to deal with a conflict without reacting to it, it can be interpreted as a sign of spiritually evolved maturity. Therefore use conflict as a lesson and learn the truth about ourselves. 

Having someone say “no, you’re wrong, and here’s why” or “that is completely ridiculous” is a precious gift even if the person is not coming from a sentient or caring place. How we react to others speaks volumes about our capacity to practice kindness and understanding.

Find A Balance

Just like everything in our life, there needs to be a balance. Expecting to be happy all the time is ridiculous. 
Without negative emotions or challenges, you would not be able to recognize the wonderful good experiences.
Without conflict, you wouldn’t be able to evolve as a person.

Growth requires growing pains.

The “Good Vibes Only” reasoning is so dangerous and powerful because of its attractiveness and the way it sugar coats everything. It is very similar to how social media romanticizes your friends and family’s daily lives, posting only the pretty things.

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Don’t sugar coat everything; somethings require the painful truth!

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