Why Blunt And Outspoken Friends Are The Sincerest And Loyalist Friends You’ll Ever Have


These days it is hard to meet people, never mind to meet people that are completely sincere and honest. 

Many people are self-centered and only think of themselves and narcissistic; that when it comes to having a friend that is completely sincere and honest to the point of being very blunt that sometimes it comes across as rude and insensitive, hold on to them. They are just telling you as it is open and to the point.

These people are confident, and they don’t try to be perfect, they speak the truth and are not looking for acceptance by others. They do not need to talk about you behind your back. These people make the best friend you could ever want.

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Here are some reasons why blunt friends make the best friends.

They will not betray your trust – they will always be honest with you. When something disturbs them, they will come directly to you and tell you to your face. They will not go behind your back.

Spending time with them usually is fun and exciting – they tend to ward off the creeps at a club or bar, by merely being themselves. Their honesty and loyalty make them a joy to be around. They will do something witty to brighten up dull moments.

They will never tell a lie to please you – as the saying goes, the ‘truth hurts.’ They will tell you exactly what they think about any situation if asked, or try to find a solution to help the problem and make you happy.

Their friendship is pure – they don’t break their promises. You would learn a few things from them, as they will take you out of your comfort zone so you will view life from a different perspective. They will always be there for you if you want someone to listen to you, or a shoulder to cry on.

These people are often frowned upon in today’s society. People don’t like to hear the truth, especially when it is about them. However, we wouldn’t be able to see ourselves or others, even life in a different perspective without them.

Friendship is an occasion to love and learn about yourself — an opportunity to experience life fully. Good friends are vital to your mental health and the quality of your life. What’s better than a friend that is loyal, honest, and trustworthy?

There will be times you will dislike them for being so blunt and seemingly insensitive, yet in the end, you will be grateful for their honesty.

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