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When It’s Your Soul That Is Tired Not Your Body

When people experience mental and emotional stress for an extended period, their souls go into a deep rest. People feel exhausted and low due to this scenario. This happens because our souls need time to heal. 

Soul exhaustion could feel as though you’ve run a marathon without an end. It can feel like you’ve tread water for hours in the middle of the ocean. Soul exhaustion can feel like there are no more tears and that your tear ducts are forever empty, as is your spirit.

Here are a few signs that indicate that your soul is exhausted:

1. All you feel like doing throughout the day is resting and laying down

You constantly have naps, and you find it difficult to wake up and get out of bed. At nighttime, you feel restless. This could be because you have nightmares and experience intense dreams that seem somewhat real. 

2. You feel an aching sensation throughout your body. At times you might experience dizziness, tension, headaches, blurred vision, and stomachaches for no reason at all. Even though you want to get better and you realize that there’s nothing wrong with you, you still can’t do anything about it.

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3. You don’t know how you feel. When someone asks you if there is something wrong with you, you don’t know how to respond because you have no idea about how you actually feel. Although you know that something complicated is happening inside you, you can’t grasp the reason as to why you think that way. You also can’t figure out how to get rid of that negative energy.

4. You feel fragmented and disoriented. You feel this way because your mind and body lack synchronization. This leaves you somewhat confused, making you feel as if you’re lost and don’t belong in this world. It also makes you frequently forget things.

5. All your emotions are intensified. Since your emotions are intensified, you feel emotional most of the time, and you find yourself crying for no reason whatsoever. This is also why you feel like your heart might explode with love one second and break the next second. Intensified emotions lead you to fear feelings and opening up. 

6. Your body feels weak. Movements leave you feeling exhausted. You experience a lack of energy. Going to the gym or exercising no longer seems easy and doesn’t make you happy. You see them as hard work.

Pay attention to your soul desires, so you can eliminate anything that makes you feel drained and debilitated. Focus on positive thoughts as well as experiences that make you radiate with beauty and positive energy.

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How to help your soul:

  • Movement is an excellent way to come back to life. 
  • Meditate. 
  • Listen to music, calm, soothing music. 
  • Get outside and be with one in nature.
  • Deep breathing exercises.
  • Trying grounding yourself.

Apply it in nature, and you will have a magical combo for your ultimate healing.

You probably think it sounds strange to say do some movement when you are exhausted. Yet, it is one of the best ways to come back to life. A short walk or run can make all the difference, yet it is better if you really work up a sweat. Your entire world would start to open, as not only does it circulate blood, it helps light up your brain’s potent chemicals (dopamine), which changes your mood and brings in some energy. 

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