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What the Habit of Saying Sorry Reveals about You

We all know that most people have a hard time apologizing for their mistakes. But there are also some who apologize excessively. 

Have you ever been told to stop cause you apologizing too much, and you brushed it off as your friend poking fun at you, yet they might actually be trying to help you break the cycle? 

Apologizing too much is a nervous habit.

If you’re someone who apologizes all the time for everything you do, then this is what it reveals about you. 

1. You are afraid of confrontation 

When someone says sorry because they are afraid of confrontation, it is to avoid conflict. You can easily get away from an argument or situation just by apologizing. These sorts of people accept responsibility for something they didn’t even do. They are afraid of addressing the issue head-on. Saying sorry placates the aggressor, allowing you to slip away from the situation. 

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2. You lack the confidence 

If you were punished as a kid or thought you were not good enough when you were young, it might later affect you in life and transform you into someone who lacks confidence and cannot speak up. You feel as if you’re wrong about the discussion or argument. You are afraid of expressing your viewpoint because you lack faith in your abilities. 

3. You don’t want to cause offense 

It is good to be empathetic, but being overly empathetic and hiding your feelings is unhealthy. But we need to realize that we can’t like everyone, and we can’t expect everyone to like us back. You need to learn to get your sense of value from within, not from others. You can’t keep the people around you happy all the time.

4. You apologize to inanimate objects

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Apologizing for bumping accidentally into objects. You are so used to apologizing that you don’t even realize you are apologizing to an object. It is mostly a female reflexive habit, as women tend to over-apologize.

5. You have to apologize to excuse the behavior 

Those with atrocious behaviors get into the habit of saying sorry too much. But you have to realize that saying sorry too much means that you are disowning your behavior. Saying sorry won’t make others forget things. Abuse victims don’t remember apologies; they only remember the violence and harsh words. Owning up to your anger is the right thing to do. 

6. You are easygoing and don’t have an ego

Some people just want an easy life; they are not worried about being right. They are not afraid of confrontation. But they are willing to apologize for silly, obsolete matters that have no consequences attached to them. They are more than happy to apologize and move on. It’s not because they don’t have an ego, it is because they are mature and understand what matters and what doesn’t.

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7. You apologize when asking for something

There is no need to say sorry when asking for a favor from a friend or coworker. You are probably apologizing out of fear of taking up space and inconveniencing others. Rather say thank you instead of sorry.

The dilemma with falling into a habit of over-apologizing is that it can make you feel unnecessary ‘excessive guilt and toxic self-blame,’ which can lead to more circumstances that make you feel like you need to apologize more.

An apology is an expression of regret, sorrow, or remorse. Sometimes it is best to be grateful and not sorry!

Genuine apologies help rebuild relationships with somebody you’ve hurt by owning up to your mistakes and taking responsibility for your actions. If you did nothing wrong, there is no need to apologize. 

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According to a study in 2010 published in Psychological Science, it revealed that women tend to apologize more than men as they consider their offenses are more severe, even if it’s unintentionally dropping a phone.

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