What is Your Higher Self

What is Your Higher Self

- in Spirituality

By Dmitriy, Life Script Doctor
Guest writer for Enlightened Consciousness

Higher Self, Spirit, Your Meditational Self or Your Higher Consciousness, what does it all really mean and is there an easy to understand model that can describe why certain events happen in life and give answer to whether we really have a saying in what goes on in our life.

First, let’s agree on the following — our world is not just the material or physical plane that we all know so much about. There are higher planes of matter existence. One of those planes of higher consciousness is the Causal Plane, that is where we can find our Spirit. It is an energy informational entity or body that is responsible for all the important events in our life. Our Higher Self holds the information on what actions will bring us closer to happiness and help us in the everlasting process of evolution. By raising the frequency of our brain activity, we provide our higher self with energy and in return we receive the information we need. The quality of the information that we receive from our Spirit is influenced by the subconsciously controlling stresses and negative behavioral matrixes and patterns that we have. Here is how it works:

Human brain has three orbitals of its activity: Physical or Biological, Social and Spiritual or Creative. They all have their functions, but that is a story for another video. For communication with our higher self we mainly use our vertical brain activity orbital. This orbital is the most active when we are involved in spiritual practices, meditation or creative processes. On a cosmic level a human can be perceived as an atom with information electrons floating around in orbits. We have our brain as a nucleus of an atom and electrons with information called solitons that move around on the orbitals of brain activity.

Through our vertical orbital of the brain activity we access the information from the surface of our causal body — our Spirit. Our higher self is like a vinyl record, our vertical brain activity is like a needle of the vinyl record player and our body is like an amplifier of the needle. The needle moves on the surface of the causal body and our physical body manifests the events in life. Everything is not as predetermined as you might think. In a way, we can control the direction of our vertical brain activity orbital, however if we do concentrate it on creativity and on the things that our higher self suggests we do in life, we become full of energy and enthusiasm, we do get sick much less than other people, we do become more successful in what we do and feel happy more often during the day. When we act within the limits of our Spirit’s mission we actually get closer to understanding how things really work and we do have a much more meaningful and joyful life.


Higher Self – Vivid Explanation to Causal Body of Higher Consciousness


Life Script Doctor

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About the author:

Originally from Ukraine, Dmitriy (aka Life Script Doctor) has profound knowledge in the new spiritual science Infosomatics, meditation, manifestation and visualization techniques, Numerology, energy self-healing practices as well as other consciousness awakening fields. He guides people on their road of self-discovery and healing using powerful Infosomatic techniques that help reveal true causes and resolve problems with health, personal or professional life.

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