What is Grounding And How to Ground Yourself

What is Grounding And How to Ground Yourself

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Do you ever feel like you are all over the place? Then you would need to be grounded/balanced.

What is Grounding:

Grounding is a basic meditation technique. Its a form of balancing, connecting, centering oneself, which rids us of negative energy, by linking to Earth and sending the energy into it. This method will help you become centered again. By being centered, it allows you to remain calm and will not allow stressful situations, negative emotions or negative thoughts to affect your inner calm.

How to Ground oneself?

For the best results stand outside barefoot on the soil or the grass. Feet about hip distance apart. Close your eyes and visualize your feet growing roots from your hips down, going all the way down to the center of the earth.

Your root chakra is your energy center, visualize it opening up and grounding you with the color red growing down into the earth. Now focus on your breathing whilst drawing in slow deep breaths. Hold your breath in for the count of three and let it out slowly.

As you breathing feel the connection with Mother Earth. At the same time imagine your breath flowing down through your spine until it reaches the base of your root Chakra, where you will breathe out all of your mounted tension, anger, fear and negative thoughts that you are hanging onto. Let it all go out into the soil!

Once you feel that you have got rid of all the negative energies in you body, then visualize in front of you a white light connecting mother earth to the heavens. Visualize stepping into the white light while focusing on your body, feel how the white light rejuvenates your body, feel the positive energy filling your body.


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