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What Happens When You Eventually Meet The Right One

It is not easy in a world where people find it essential about how others look rather then what a person is and has on the inside. 

People have more self-doubt than self-love. It seems most of finding it increasingly hard to learn self-love. To love oneself can be detrimental to relationships.

However, on that note, it is needless to say that things will fall into place when you meet the right person. That special person will inspire you to become the best possible version of yourself and love you regardless of your flaws.  

They will be your lover and best friend and will make you feel at home.

Here is what will happen when you meet the right person:

1. Things will flow naturally, no playing games. Both of you will be on the same page and feel comfortable and secure, with deep chemistry.

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2. You will not have any desire to look at other people or past relationships, thinking what if, you will appreciate the one you with.

3. You will understand each other without verbalizing anything. You just have to look at each other to know what the other one is thinking.

4. You share common interests, morals, and viewpoints even if you don’t share the common interests you are willing to learn and share each other’s interests and happiness.

5. You will feel like your life has just begun, planning your future together and wanting the same things. 

6. You see yourself growing old together, as real love does not fade. Love morphs into something remarkably meaningful with love, compassion, consideration, and honesty.

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7. You will rarely find moments of uncomfortable silence. Communication is easy, comfortable without any boundaries.

When you meet this special person, you will realize why your previous relationships did not work out.

I firmly believe that there is someone special for everyone. It just takes time to find that special one.

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