Signs You Are Being Watched By Your Guardian Angel


It is the common belief that at birth we are all blessed with a Guardian Angel who guides us and takes care of us throughout our lives. You might think that this is nonsense but think back to when you were in trouble and spoke to fresh air, was there perhaps more going on?

I believe, it is those times that we communicate with our guardian angel even though we are unaware of doing so.

There are different religions which consider this entity, but in Christianity, it is called an angel.

The angels doctrine is part of the church’s tradition. There are however many religions quoting an entity which is there to protect us. Perhaps even family or friends who have passed on but stay with us to help us till it is our turn to die. Many death cases have quoted family members being there to guide the dying person to the light. How reassuring to know you won’t be alone when the time comes. Also when Judgement day comes they are believed to be our legal counsel, we will all need someone to plead our case.

Many believe in there existence, purely because they do, but there are signs to say you are not alone, let’s consider a few:

Remember forming pictures in the clouds; many believe this is a communication tool used by your angel. Ever felt a spiritual moment looking up at the sky? That feeling is believed to be your angel trying to guide you in a certain direction. Also we believe that heaven is in the sky, would this not then make sense?

Ever felt someone touching you? Felt that someone is close to you, had to look over your shoulder to check? This is undoubtedly a sign that your attention is wanted.

Room temperature changing dramatically? Ever shuddered and said someone walked over my grave? You are not alone.

Ever smelt Jasmine or something beautiful but none around, this is a sure indication of a beautiful presence around you.

Ah, the feather just gently falling close to you. This must be one of the truest things, especially if the feather is white, to tell you they are around.

A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, is more than an Irish legend, it is a spiritual occurrence with natural sources of light and power. When there is no rain, but a rainbow appears, it must be a message and a wonderful reminder that there is more to life than what we experience.

Ever walked down a passage and you feel like you are being followed, or that there is someone near you, yet no one is there. Take a moment to consider how you felt. If you felt safe, I am sure it is because you were.

Sometimes you see lights or shadows -“My eyes are playing games on me”, your angel is possibly trying to make contact with you, be calm and communicate.

Also when you hear strange sounds or a muffled far-off voice, you need to open up and receive the message because it is for your own benefit that you listen.

It is heartwarming to know that there is someone or something that is there purely for your well being. When your day comes, it is also comforting knowing that there is someone to help you transition.

By Theresa, Enlightened Consciousness

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