How to Use Affirmations to Bring Positivity Into Your Daily Life


An Affirmations are words repeated to oneself until it is believed and registered subconsciously. It is imperative to use the right choice of words. For Affirmations to be successful it needs to be in the now, specific to your needs and positive in the outcome.

Our subconscious rules our universe!

The basis of the law of attraction is founded on the belief that all matter and everything in the universe can be viewed as waves, frequencies, and energy. Therefore the energy you submit will attract likewise energy. Hence the saying “Misery loves company”, therefore positive loves positive. Nikola Tesla said Ïf you want to find the secrets to the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration’. Physics explains all this; everything is energy, everything has a frequency and a mass. Everything exists.
A simple example, explained by science, why thoughts manifest is that if we are searching for something your mind will be on alert for this something and therefore find it in everyday occurrences. Just like the facebook ads suddenly promoting things we might be interested in to buy, not magic but because of interest was shown in similar products while searching on the web. This is categorised as confirmation based. It’s then viewed as part of the law of attraction.
The energy you omit is more than likely that which you will receive. Ever left home in a bad mood and the rest of the day just spiraled down from there? Next time take a few moments to leave the negative feelings at bay, you will find that things will get better. If you have a cough but believe it is the onset of the flu, chances are that you will get sick because you are attracting it to yourself, saying it is just a cough and leaving it there, well, that’s all it is then.
In order for an Affirmation to work, you need to believe it will: ie, I won’t get sick, I am healthy, that is just some dust in the air. If you believe the opposite and tell yourself that you will be bedridden for days you most likely will end up just there.
Premonitions is a belief that you know what will happen, well if you know what is going to happen before it does, just change the feeling to a positive one. If we can attract the bad, well then the good is also possible. Expect good things to happen, and the probability is stronger that it will happen.
Use Affirmations that make you feel good, even excited because if you believe strongly enough, you could make it happen.
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