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Unresolved Childhood Trauma Can Condition Us to Overlook Emotional Damage

Refusing to let go of the past can cripple a person for life. Past trauma leads to devastating effects, such as leaving a person to suffer in pain.

Many of you will find it hard to move on from the emotional abuse you’ve suffered as children. Moreover, is it difficult to find love and compassion for your abuser. 

Unresolved trauma conditions a person to invite more broken things into their lives, making it hard for them to heal. Honestly, it is a vicious cycle. Broken things given to you by those closest to you and those you love have a tendency to manifest within yourselves until you stop them.

Imagine you were someone who suffered emotional abuse and trauma as a child, and you get into a relationship later in life. Even though you see many red flags in the relationship, you ignore them and keep pouring your best into someone who wouldn’t do the same for you.

It is then that you realize that this person doesn’t actually love you or respect you. You come to realize that the scars born due to your emotional abuser haven’t healed yet. Whether it be from a parent or someone else close to you, you have not forgiven them for the trauma you suffered as a child. 

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A heartbreak like this makes you realize your anger towards your emotional abusers. Your mother’s scars and your father’s scars affect you. Their traumas created your trauma, and it is you who let the trauma continue because you learned to love emotional chaos.

It’s beneficial for you to seek professional help if you have suffered emotional abuse and trauma as a child. A therapist who does understands the impact of childhood experiences on adult life, particularly traumatic ones.

It is after healing that you are able to take full accountability for what you allowed to happen. It is your responsibility to transition into an emotionally healthier version of yourself. 

Although it is challenging, don’t let trauma trap you. Release yourself from childhood emotional scars. Put effort into healing and becoming a more enlightened version of yourself. 

Here are a few tips to help heal your childhood trauma:

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As childhood trauma generates emotions, it’s best to process these emotions when the trauma occurs. If you don’t, these emotions can become stuck in your body and mind.

1. Visualize the power and energy that your trauma took up inside of you, leaving your body. You could write a letter to the person who hurt you and then burn it, visualize the trauma casting off in the form of an object into the universe.

2. Name your trauma by associating emotion with all of the sensations you feel. Is the tightness in your chest anxiety?

3. Love and accept the trauma, say ‘I love myself for feeling … (state your feelings)’ Do each emotion separately and embrace your humanness and love yourself for it.

4. Feel and experience your emotions and sensations. Do not hide or change them; you should observe them. Acknowledge any discomfort you feel, with the knowledge it will be gone soon, and you will heal. Let your body respond. Scream, cry, or shout if you want. Express your emotions in a productive way so you can fully process them. 

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5. Sharing your trauma could also help you process it. Talking or writing about your emotions and experience is essential to healing. Writing letters and not sending them to those who hurt you can be an effective method for moving a feeling out of your system. 

The process of healing emotional scars can feel uncomfortable and awkward at first, yet it will be a rewarding journey. Let new positive energy fill the space of the trauma in your life. Build a new life that you will love.

Remember to keep moving forward!

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