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Understanding Why Sinister People Always Assume The Worst About Others

Generally, the way we treat ourselves is also how we treat everyone around us.

Have you ever met someone who always thinks that people are out to get them or up to something, not trusting anyone?

If you have, it could mean that you may have met a person who has a broken self-esteem and image. It does not mean that they’re broken; they are just projecting about themselves and their self-esteem and image. Some people will call them bad or evil.

What they notice about others is actually the things they don’t like about themselves. They are mirror imaging themselves. They attribute their weaknesses and strengths to others. What they see in others is what they don’t want to admit about themselves.

Projection is an unconscious protection mechanism that appears in several character disorders. Narcissism is one of the disorders.

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Here’s a perfect example; when a narcissist sees someone having problems in their relationship, they might poke fun at that person trying to make them feel like an inadequate person, yet they are themselves are heading for a divorce.

It’s a ploy for them to feel better, yet deep down inside, they are projecting their own insecurities and failures. It is even possible that the other person who is having problems in their relationship is ending things amicability. Still, the narcissist person is always going to make it about them, not you.

We all have defense mechanisms, which are mostly subconscious strategies. Yet we do have choices whether or not we apply these defense mechanisms. You have to be willing and ready to look beyond the veil and search inward. 

These people, the so-called bad one, the aim is to protect their conscience from emotions and thoughts that are assumed to be intolerable or offensive.

These people don’t see themself or want to acknowledge that they are the problem. They will never ask themselves if they are causing the problems in their lives. They may suspect but will never admit it, as they will have every excuse for thinking that they are not the problem.

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If you’re the kind of person that questions yourself, thinking that maybe you could be at fault, that you are doing something wrong or being too harsh, then you have compassion and empathy.

The world needs more of you!

Food for thought:

Be responsible for your actions and your words, as it can cause you and everyone else in your life problems in the future.

Should you keep pointing out all the little things wrong in your life, then you need to do some soul search as you could be the problem.

Being aware is the first step in making any change.

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