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Understanding and Using a Feng Shui Bagua Map and Mirror In Your Home

The Bagua is the feng shui energy map which divides your home space into nine separate areas, where each room is related to a specific theme. By applying this to your space it can have positive effects.

It’s one of the foremost principles of feng shui practice. It is also one of the most powerful tools you could use. The Bagua offers a systematic way to assess the energy field of your environment.

Bagua means “eight areas” in Chinese. Therefore, the Bagua is eight areas around a center connected to different aspects of life. Each area also has numerous other layered meanings such as shapes, elements, colors, organs, and so much more. 

Below are the nine separate areas:

1. Wealth and prosperity 

The theme related to this is abundance, and its element is wood. This is located in the southeast area of your house. You can use blue and green colors, healthy plants to enhance this area.

2. Fame and reputation 

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Acclaim is the theme of this area. The associated element is fire. This area is positioned in the middle section of the southern region of your house. Candles, fireplaces, and fiery colors like red improve this area. 

3. Love and marriage

Passion is the theme related to this area. The associated elements are Earth and fire. The love and marriage area is located in the southwest region of your house. You can use colors such as red, pink, orange, and yellow to improve this area. Accessories and small furniture should be paired together.

4. Children and creativity 

The theme of this area is play and the creative process. It is positioned in the right middle section of the western region in your house. Metal is the associated element. You can use kid-friendly decorations and colors like white, metal, and gold.

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5. Ancestors and health 

Nourishment and support is the theme related to this area. Wood is the associated element. The ancestors and health area is situated in the middle left section of the eastern region. To improve this area, you can use wooden furniture, healthy plants, and flowers. Green and blue tones go along with them.

6. Knowledge and self-cultivation 

The theme related to this area is wisdom, and the elements of it are Earth and water. It is in the northeast region of your house. Use colors like black, dark blue, cream, and taupe to enhance this area. You can also add calming features like photos, candles, and floor pillows.

7. Career and life path

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Work is the theme related to this area, and its element is water. This is the northern part of your house. Add dark colors, mirrors, and water features to improve the area.

8. Helpful people and travels

The theme of this area is mentorship and networks. Metal is the associated element. It is located in the northwest corner of the house. You can add round metallic objects, electronics, maps, and globes to enhance the helpful people and travel area.

9. Health and center

The central theme here is the foundation, and it deals with the Earth element. This area is the center of your space. Use calming decorations and Earth tones to enhance this area.

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The Feng Shui Use of Bagua Mirrors – concave and convex

Bagua mirrors are an ancient feng shui cure which a round mirror framed in the octagonal shape of the Bagua. Each side of this octagonal frame has three lines called trigrams representing a specific energy/stage of life.

 It is imperative to realize that applying a feng shui cure without knowing its actual strength and the purpose for it as it would be worse than not using a cure at all. 

The Bagua design around the mirrors creates strong, energetic fields that help increase the particular power. The mirror continuously increases and carries this force field further by keeping it active.

It is best to place the feng shui Bagua mirror above the front door or a big window. It is should always be placed on the outside. If you put it on the inside, you will position it to face the source of negative energy.

The mirror can be a concave or a convex mirror or use just a simple mirror. The frame comes in many different materials and several colors. 

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The Bagua was inspired by nature and sought to balance how humans can live in harmony in the natural world.

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