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There Are Two Types of Time Travel… Physicists Agree at Least One of Them Is Possible!

Professors of physics and mathematics have different opinions on time travel. The opinions vary but the common denominator is that it is very possible to travel to the future and the past.

It is nicely explained in the television series “Dr Who”, which has been BBC’s favourite science fiction series for the 50 past years. The series explains travel through space and time in The Doctors different adventures. If it is left to the imagination, it is quite a simple task to believe that you could skip to different periods of history in a flash.

Albert Einstein believed this to be possible with his theory of relativity. This all happening in about 1905. He explained: Relative Speed can be viewed as a movement of one body relative to another moving body, taking it a step further and adding the speed of light into this picture you could travel forward in time.

Einstein believed that if you could travel into space, journey at the speed of light or even just a fraction of it and make a sudden turnaround back to earth, your clock would be ticking slower, therefore you would have traveled to the future. Also in his opinion, hanging out near a strong source of gravity, lets say a black hole or a neutron star and you could move to the very edge of it, time would then slow down for you and in this manner when you returned to earth time would have flown by and therefore you would have traveled far into the future. Most physicists would agree with this theory.

He spoke of the “Twins Paradox” where a scenario as above, one twin traveling the other staying on earth, the traveler would return to be much younger than her twin. Only a few years would have passed in the spacecraft but many on earth.

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The only problem here realistically would be getting back to your real time. To achieve this, you would need to be able to travel faster than light and this is not possible, well not yet anyway.

Einstein spoke of wormholes. His theory of Gravity unites space and time and is called “Spacetime”, this term includes mass too.  For understanding the wormholes, you must first give a thought to its natural meaning. A wormhole is a tunnel-like hole made by a worm into fruits or trees. In a similar manner, a wormhole with a context of physics is a tunnel between two locations various distances apart. Like a bridge in space allowing travel from here to here.  If the “mouths” of the wormhole moved relative to one another, it would allow you to enter a certain time and exist at another.

Imagine if you could manipulate the opening of a wormhole – put one near a black hole (Another Mouthful:  is a region of spacetime exhibiting such strong gravitational effects that nothing—not even particles and electromagnetic radiation such as light—can escape from inside it. The theory of general relativity predicts that a sufficiently compact mass can deform spacetime to form a black hole.

Anyway, moving on, if you could put a wormhole near to a black hole and take the black hole with you into the wormhole, the result would be that you would be able to go backward and forwards – Future and past.

You would however only be able to go as far back as the time that the Wormhole was created, therefore selecting a specific time, like with a time machine, would not be possible.

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How will we ever know if there is any truth to it?  Only time will tell.  My mind is one big black hole.

By Theresa,

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