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True Intentions Defined

What is true intentions? Typically true intention is defined as a stated task that a person is committed to performing.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we knew someone’s true intentions before we allowed them to get too close?

The world is full of fake people, and the truth be told that they are getting better at hiding the truth about who they indeed are, which makes it a difficult task to reveal the authentic from the toxic.

To find the person’s truth, you need to be aware of some of the most obvious warning signs of a fake person. It sounds easier said than done, so check out the list below to help you distinguish the fake from that authentic.


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Fake people are quick to throw you under the bus if it means that they will look good in the eyes of a person with power. They are overly polite, respectful, and friendly to a person in control to get what they want.


Fake people make everything into a competition instead of supporting you as they want to be better than you. As petty as it may sound, they have to be the best and have the best of everything at any cost.


Fake people love to gossip at every opportunity. Remember, if they are gossiping with you, they gossip about you as well. Genuine, honest people are willing to share their opinions openly.

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Fake people lack merits; therefore, they need to criticize other people to keep up their own appearances. Genuine people would instead admire and compliment other people.


Fake people treat you as though there is something wrong with you, and they try to make you change or make you feel like you need to change. Genuine people know and accept your flaws. They love you just the way you are and support you on every part of your journey.


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Fake people are very demanding of your attention. They expect you to drop everything that you are doing to run after them. They have no respect for your time. They are under the impression that life revolves around them.

Don’t allow Fake People to change you:

Before you do any self-improvements and changes in your life, make sure they are positive and long-lasting changes. Ask yourself, what are your true intentions? What is your goal? What is the point? 

It is important to remember without a goal; it is difficult to achieve what you are trying to achieve!

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