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Traits Of An Empath

Empaths are extremely sensitive people. They have refined their ability to sense and decipher other peoples feelings, body language, and intentions.

It can be irritating and possibly even frustrating to have someone who is empathic answer questions before they’re asked and give advice before it’s requested. They might appear to be a ‘know it all’; however, most empaths are willing to help anyone and are trying their best to do what’s right for everyone.

Their ability to sense emotions can sometimes be overwhelming for them, and it can be difficult for them to be in large groups or crowds if they haven’t learned to use and control their sensitivities. Children who are empaths will tend to pick up and imitate the emotional states of the people they are around.

It’s essential to give empathic people alone time. Solitude is necessary for anyone, but it’s critical for an empath. It helps them to unwind and release the residual emotional energies from interacting with others.

Empaths can be helpful to detect deception or negativity. They are usually turned off by it, though, and most often will avoid anyone who is consistently negative. They can sense when you’re lying and are generally naturally aware of body language that reveals such things.

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Empathic people are just like anyone else except they can feel a little more than most.

They love deeper than some people because they can see your true intentions.

Enjoy your empathic friends.

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