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Toxic People Who Love Playing the Blame Game

To be in the company of a toxic person is not easy. Toxic people always demand priority. They only think about themselves, as they think everything is about them.

One thing you will come to realize is that toxic people can never accept their mistakes. In their eyes, they believe they are flawless.

Toxic people are blame-shifters. They cannot accept that they can make mistakes. When their faults become apparent, they will blame even their loved ones that are close to them.

Should you show them their mistakes, they will immediately remind you of the times that they helped you, which would make you start thanking them for helping you. They reverse things to the point that they blame you for always pointing out their errors. They will even keep saying it is a regular thing that you do, that you keep pointing out their mistakes and not the good things they do.

They turn everything around and know just how to use your sensitivity to believing in them. 

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Toxic people blame others endlessly and come up with elaborate explanations.

Be confident enough to own your own faults. You don’t need anyone’s approval. Remember, if someone is working so hard to manipulate you, it’s because they probably need yours.

Often toxic people are passive-aggressive. They have small verbal digs towards others when they get angry and hurt.

Stop trying to please them!

They will continuously criticize others about their behavior, personality traits, and appearance, or for that matter, anything else that catches their attention.

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Don’t let them dampen your spirit or shrink you down to their size. You don’t need their approval anyway.

Toxic people frequently manipulate others to get what they want. The manipulation can be subtle or obvious and will probably make you feel guilty.

You don’t owe anybody anything. If it doesn’t feel like a favor, it’s not. 

When people try to share something that makes them happy, a toxic person will only have a negative input with their condescension and cynicism.

Toxic people thrive on emotional blackmail and guilt trips to get their own needs met.

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You don’t have to explain, deal, justify, defend yourself. You’ll find yourself justifying and defending, as this will go around in circles. It is not about you.

Something you should know is that it is unlikely that you can change a toxic person. Don’t leave yourself open in the firing field; rather, move away from them. They will destroy your peace and happiness. Don’t become their victim!

Toxic people never apologize, so there is no point in arguing.

Here is a list of seven types of toxic people who enjoy playing the blame game.

The eternal “victim” – people that never let go of the hurt they suffered.
Complainers – someone who always complains.
Control Freaks – are people that are obsessed with controlling.
Narcissists – are attention seekers who live-off the blame game.
The arrogant – are people who are so full of themselves.
Pathological liars – are people who lie about everything they possibly can.
Those with low self-esteem – they have to blame others so they can improve their self-image.

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