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Toxic People: 12 Things They Do 

Having toxic people and haters in your life could be a sign that you are doing things right, and people are jealous of you for that reason. They want to have what you have, so keep being you!

1.You will be kept guessing which version of them you’re getting.
Toxic people are dual in nature. They will act nice one day, and the next day they will act indifferently, making you wonder if it’s your fault. 

2. You will be manipulated by them.
They are master manipulators. Toxic people make you think that you owe them something; they use this tactic to get you to do anything they want.

3. They won’t own their feelings.
These sorts of people don’t take accountability for their feelings. They project their feelings onto you, making you feel as if the feelings are yours.

4. They’ll make you prove yourself to them.
Toxic people will always make you choose between them and other things. Nothing will ever be enough for them.

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5. They never apologize.
They will fabricate stories and deny the truth to avoid their mistakes and apologize. Toxic people go the length of lying to stay away from apologizing.

6. They will be there in a crisis, but they’ll never share your joy. 
No matter how happy you are, toxic people always find a way to ruin it by belittling you. These sorts of people never allow you to experience happiness.

7. They’ll leave a conversation unfinished and just go offline.
Toxic people do this to avoid arguments and problems. It shows that you can’t depend on them during hard times. People who care will always put an effort to sort issues out.

8. They’ll use non-toxic words with a toxic tone.
Although what they are saying is innocent, their tone might not sound so. For example, they can ask you what you did today using a sarcastic tone.

9. They’ll bring unnecessary details into a conversation.
When you’re talking about something, in particular, say during an argument, they end up dragging up the past even though it is irrelevant to the matter at hand. 

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10. They’ll make it about the way you’re speaking, rather than the subject. 
Instead of paying attention to what you’re trying to convey, toxic people pay attention to your tone or choice of words.

11. They will exaggerate.
Toxic people love drama, so they over-exaggerate even the tiniest thing, which is also a form of manipulation.

12. They are very judgmental.
As humans, we all make mistakes. But when you do something wrong around a toxic person, he/she will judge you harshly. 

You can’t make everybody happy as there will always be someone who will be jealous or hateful to you regardless of who you are. Everybody has haters. Disarm them with your positivity.

Focus your time and energy on encouraging positive relationships rather than on changing these people to get them to like you.

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There’re plenty of people in this world who treat others how they want to be treated, so instead, invest your energy and time with these people as they will have value in your life.

Take a step back when you are getting mistreated and remind yourself it is not you; it is them. Their underlying issues cause them to act this way. Don’t take it personally!

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