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Toxic Behaviour Red-Flags

Being in a toxic relationship could feel like living hell where you don’t know if you are the crazy one or not. You’re unsure of who to turn to or what to do.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, toxic relationships negatively impact your physical and mental health. It is possible that it makes you feel insecure or inadequate about yourself. Toxic relationships can leave you feeling drained and unhappy. 

Should you suspect that you might be in a toxic relationship, this article will help you to confirm your suspicions.

Pay attention to the red flags listed below;

  1. Do you feel that you can’t speak freely?
  2. Is your relationship always about them?
  3. Do you compromise your own interests and values?
  4. You feel you walking on eggshells out of fear of upsetting your partner?
  5. Does your partner continually make fun of you?
  6. You feel depressed around your partner?
  7. Your partner takes advantage of you mentally, emotionally, and financially?
  8. Do you always feel that you need to agree with your partner?
  9. Lack of trust in your partner?
  10. Your partner does not celebrate your triumphs?
  11. Your partner always brings out the worst in you?
  12. Your partner does not support you emotionally or financially?
  13. Do you always feel you have to justify everything?
  14. Your partner doesn’t take responsibility for their actions? 
  15. All fights and arguments are constantly thrown up?
  16. You feel unworthy and intimidated around your partner?
  17. Is your partner selfish and self-absorbed?
  18. There is an undercurrent of smoldering anger that manifests into sarcasm?

Bearing in mind that all relationships go through rough periods, yet yours is never-ending. How many of the above signs resonate with you? The more signs, the more toxic your relationship is.

Below are common causes of toxic relationships:

  1. Poor communication and personal boundaries.
  2. Emotional or mental immaturity.
  3. Childhood wounds and traumas.
  4. Narcissism and sociopathy.

Toxic relationships can be caused when two people don’t know how to communicate openly. Not all toxic relationships are the same; therefore, some relationships are salvageable.

Should you wish to salvage your relationship, you could go for counseling with your partner. Find mutual interests to do together. Have date nights where you can be intimate and affectionate. Set personal boundaries.

It is improbable that toxic people change. Nothing anyone does can change them as the carnage will always be explained away as someone else’s fault.

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To save a relationship, both parties must be willing to work on the problems together.

What you could say to end a toxic relationship. 

Start by telling them the truth about how you feel and that things need to change for your relationship to be mutually beneficial. Tell them about the negative feelings you are having and where they stem from. While you do this, surround yourself with positive, supportive family or friends.

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