This Man Shocked The World: Cancer Can Be Cured In 3 Minutes Here's How…

This Man Shocked The World: Cancer Can Be Cured In 3 Minutes Here's How…

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According to Gregg Baden, the American author who is famous for his theories on treating cancer states our subconscious minds can play a huge role in cancer therapy and how we feel can have significantly affect our DNA.

He suggests that the power of collectivized thoughts, like prayers and suggestion can have a positive effect in the treatment of all types of diseases.

Cancer Cells            

Cancer and its effects can be stopped by intent awareness on the synergy between the manifestations and our thoughts. According to Baden’s theory here is a field that unites everything, a field which have been proven and scientifically explained in the leading science journal Nature No. 332 in 1996.

Control over emotions and thoughts

Baden theorizes that our emotions and thoughts generate electromagnetic fields with waves that can go up to a meter inside our body.

Nikola Tesla also stated that in the future people will create electric power using the power of their thoughts, and this means that our thoughts can be an extremely powerful source of energy.

Baden refers to the concept of powerful and focused thoughts about everything we feel and see. Collective thoughts may create an extremely powerful electromagnetic field and have an impact on the environment. At present it may all sound like science fiction, but soon enough we will have the technology that will enable this to become a reality.

Feelings can change the DNA

Our emotions and feelings are like mirrors. Everything we do is reflected in the environment so we receive the same thing we have in ourselves.

Almost all scientists claim that our emotions and faith are not associated to our lives and especially the occurrence and treatment of diseases, however, psycho-oncology claims the opposite.

Therefore it is our emotions, thoughts, faith and feelings that have the power to control everything that is happening in our lives and ourselves.

There’s a video from a Chinese hospital which gives proof about this theory. In the video you can see how cancer with a size of 3×2.5 cm gets eliminated in about three minutes, and the whole process is demonstrated on an ultrasound screen. If you want to produce strong electromagnetic radiation first you have to learn how to control your emotions and how to focus and enhance them, which can only be achieved with practice.

You must remember that our feelings and emotions can change our DNA!

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