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This Is What It’s Like Dating You, Based on Your Birth Order

I’m sure you have heard the stereotypes – first-born’s are spoiled, and middle kids get ignored, the youngest act out because they crave attention. Well, the latest research shows that birth order really does matter. 

Astrology plays a significant role in your dating life. The 12 zodiac signs are used to determine a person’s dating life and the compatibility between two partners. 

But did you know that your dating life can also be described using birth order? Yes, it’s true. Birth order affects a person’s personality, therefore affecting their dating experiences as well. 

This is how it works.

First Born

First-born children are high achievers who are reliable and cautious. You are a straightforward person when it comes to dating. You follow steps to progress in your relationship. Undefined situations are not your thing. 

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Since you don’t open up very easily and you hate rushing things, every step in your relationship takes some time. Being a first-born means that you are a responsible person. So your dates will be well-organized, and you will come on time. 

You tend to get quite competitive with your partner, even when it comes to little things. It is because you love winning. First-born children usually do well in long-term relationships, and they get into a serious mindset from an early stage in the relationship itself.

But on the negative side, you have a hard time when it comes to casual dating and on-off hook-ups. 

Middle Born

These children are empathetic, cooperative as well as independent. You can even be somewhat rebellious, making you quite the wild-card when it comes to dating. 

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People find it quite easy to get along with you because you’re a good listener. Your ego isn’t that big, and you’re not a very fussy person. As a middle born, you love trying out new things. But you do tend to be indecisive and heavily rely on your partner to take charge. When it comes to relationships, middle-born children go with the flow while trying to avoid conflicts.

Last Born

As the youngest in the family, you are a carefree, outgoing, and fun-loving person. Dating someone like you can be a whole new adventure that includes many perks. 

Mundane things don’t bother you. You are calm, relaxed, and socially aware because you’ve seen and learned things from your siblings. The last borns are the life of the party. 

On the negative side, you are somewhat naive and over-optimistic. Your partner has to be the one to drag you back onto the ground. You are an attention seeker who is stubborn and does things your own way. Although this trait is attractive in short-term flings, you need a mature partner to handle you when it comes to long-term relationships. 

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Only Child

An only child can be diligent, self-sufficient, and a perfectionist. Dating an only child can be challenging because they are used to being on their own. They need their alone time. This doesn’t mean that you don’t like parties, it’s just that you are very independent. 

Your friends are like siblings to you. You place friendship in a higher position in your life, even above relationships. When you first meet someone, you act in an overly guarded manner. But once you feel like you can trust someone, you open up and completely give yourself to that person, loving them wholeheartedly.

NPR’s Research shows your birth order does matter compared to older siblings, second-born boys are more than likely to get into difficulty in school and probably get suspended in. Why? Parents of first-borns are more invested in their upbringing.

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