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This Is For The Adult Who Needs To Let Go Of Childhood Wounds

Even the most loving, caring, attentive parents and caregivers can do lasting injury to our sense of self. 

Sometimes you might feel like your childhood has taken over you even though you’re an adult now. This article is especially for you, the accomplished, courageous, beautiful person you are, who overcame childhood insecurities but is still unable to give yourself credit for it.

This is for all those fat kids out there who are concerned about their outer appearance and how others perceive them. This is for the men who were told during their childhood that crying was a weakness and that they were supposed to toughen up. 

This is for all the women who didn’t grow up or physically develop the way society told them they should. This is for the girls out there who are afraid to claim power, thinking that society will look down upon them and shame them for doing so. 

This is for the rebel kid who always got into trouble and was considered a loser. This is for the kid who had to listen to his parents saying they weren’t good enough. To the kid who coveted perfection more than relationships. 

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This world is designed in a way that it tries to convince you that there is something wrong with you if you can’t be the prototype. Your inner child remembers the trauma. The kid inside you shames your body, feelings, and choices. 

As humans, we have all experienced this. Your inner child clings on to all of your fears. The inner kid inside you is somewhat deceiving. But you have to realize that you are an adult now. You’ve fought your way through all these years. You are not that kid anymore. 

Understanding feelings.

Maybe your parents weren’t loving and attentive, and they may have demanded that you stop crying when you felt hurt. Therefore you didn’t learn how to handle your feelings productively. You didn’t understand that emotions are temporary and brief, that they have a predictable beginning, middle, and end, and that you will survive. When you don’t learn how to feel your feelings, you may begin to interpret all emotions as terrifying.

The processing of distressing emotions, such as fear, anger, shame, and sadness, is imperative to healing from childhood trauma as an adult. 

YOU need to HEAR this – This is for you, for me, and for all of us. 

You are not perfect, and you will never be perfect. But you are better than that. You are human, and you are imperfectly perfect.

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This is for the fantastic, talented, beautiful, and fearless person you’ve become. Say goodbye to the wounded kid inside you. Love yourself, meet yourself and see yourself right now. 

What letting go  it’s either all in or all out.

Fill yourself with new positive energy that can help you build a life that you will love.

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