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The Universe Works In Surprising Ways, Accidents And Coincidences Don’t Exist

The Universe works in surprising ways to connect people.

As humans, we are forever searching for the perfect life, the perfect partner, a soulmate, the perfect home, the perfect job, etc. We tend to go to extremes to find it. What we don’t always realize, the Universe is working behind the scenes shifting us in our everyday life.

There are times where we miss the warning signs, or we don’t want to acknowledge it. The Universe could send signs in the form of unwanted circumstances and events.

Believe it or not, the Universe has the magic of connecting people to their desires. Some people call it fate, coincident, or just an accident.

Sometimes, things that are not favorable happen in your life; it is a lesson from the Universe to learn. Alternatively, you could be sending mixed signals to the Universe. Therefore it is supplying the wrong things.

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Have you ever been active with a project, looking for a house to rent or buy, searching for another job, and no matter what you do, it does not work out? Your relationship is not working out, even though you keep trying to make it work by pleasing your partner. You do all the phoning and messaging, yet it still makes no difference to the relationship. Why do you think that happens?

My take on the subject is, if you have to force anything, it’s not meant to be. There is a difference between forcing and somethings that just don’t go right. If it is continually recurring, then it is not intended for you. Trust your instincts as it is connected to the Universe, and the Universe is working to help shift you in the right direction. So don’t force things, let it go and move on.

Everything happens for a reason, could be your karma, or maybe even family karma. Most of the time, the purpose is to help you learn. Some times it is to help you realize what you don’t want in your life. It could be for your growth.

Random events don’t exist. What you think is a random or a coincidence is actually the Universe working for you.

Things that have occurred in your life until now is the outcome of your thoughts and intentions. When you are on the road to fulfilling your deepest desire, the Universe is already aware of your intentions. The Universe is the conductor and is orchestrating everything in your life. It knows who you are, and takes note of every thought you have.

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People often attribute significant events as God’s doing, yet I believe God is within. Things that occur in your life are a product of your thoughts and intentions.

When you do everything to realize your ambitions, sometimes it would be a good idea to rely on the guidance of the invisible forces. Trust God (the God within) and the Universe, that’s when bigger things happen. Your potential to let certain things go is essential and perhaps just as influential as a prayer.

Whether you plan, pray, adjust, or calculate, you do things you possibly can, and let the rest take its natural course. The ability to let go is essential.

People you meet on your life’s journey are characters from your book of life. The main worry is to make your final book turn out fantastic.

How you direct your life is entirely up to you as everything lies in your hands with the choices you make in life.

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“We are all entitled to our own beliefs and opinions. Nevertheless, I would like to wish you miracles and magic on your life’s journey.

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