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The Signs That You’re Over Someone

Transitions between relationships can be challenging, especially if you’re not over your ex. If you want to begin a new relationship, you need to make sure the last one is ultimately put to bed for it to work.

You stop thinking about how they made you feel. Too much time was wasted chasing after that feeling. It is that feeling you get when the person you love looks at you, and you feel whole. You push yourself away from memories because they are what kept the person you love close to your heart. When you’re over someone, you realize that you don’t need to keep that person close to you anymore.

You come to realize that refusing to forget that person and promising to keep that person close to your heart is unfair to you. It only prevents you from moving on. When you’re over someone, you stop thinking about how they’re doing without you. It is emotionally exhausting to think if the person you love is still thinking of you or yearning for you. 

If you stop waiting for that person to come back without hoping that they will change their minds, then that means that you are over that person. You also stop thinking about that particular person’s daily routine, even though there was once a time when you knew their schedule well. Your sleep schedule is no longer affected by the person you loved. So it no longer matters whether he or she was a morning person or a night person.

You don’t want to be reminded of the way you felt when you were around this person. You stop remembering the parts of that person who isn’t there anymore. When you have moved on, you stop wasting time looking for the love you both once shared. Your muscle memory that once allowed you to type in your loved one’s number subconsciously is no longer active. 

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You know that you’ve moved on when you finally come to realize that it’s alright not to know what that particular person’s life is like anymore. Knowing that someone isn’t a massive part of your life scares you no more. You stop feeling empty inside and incomplete. When you’re over that special someone, you understand who you are outside of that person and your bond. This is how you know that you’re finally over someone.

Ask yourself these questions below:

Is there still a lot of contact?

Most people think it is a no-go, and some think it’s fine to be friends with your ex. But to be honest, if you are still in contact with them, is it just as friends or is it to keep track of them. Who are you kidding?

How do you feel about them seeing someone else?

Should you see them with someone else, how does it make you feel? Sure it is going to be awkward, which is normal, but we are talking about going over the top — feeling upset, jealous, emotional.

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Are you stalking them?

If you’re stalking is off the charts, then you’re definitely not over them. Yes, some of us do check up on our exes but not daily or over the top.

Are you still angry?

There’s a fine line between love & hate, yet the opposite of love isn’t hate; it’s indifference. To be angry and to hate the person is too strong an emotion to be over them.

Are you okay with your mutual friends?

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The hardest part of a breakup is the mutual friends you have. Until you are entirely over the person, you will want to find out from your mutual friends all the details. If you’re not curious, then you are not interested, and you have moved on.

If you ready to date again, it is a good sign. 

It is not easy getting over an ex. You should take responsibility for your part in the breakup and not focus on the other person’s issues

It’s essential, to be honest with yourself. You may still need time to get over them, and it is OK!! You will get there eventually!

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