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The Same Storm Only The Boats Differ In Times Of Despair

In times of panic, people like to use the saying we are all in the same boat. The saying is not entirely true. It’s better to refer to the situation as a storm. We are all in the same storm, and all boats differ.

Powerboats skimming the blue waters are many people’s retirement dreams, and yet fishing boats with their paint chippings are in the same ocean and hardly get a second glance. These boats have no value to the material eye, yet they can feed families.

The haves and do not have live worlds apart. Neither of these categories is terrible people. How can you be resentful towards someone successful? 

The Lobster is extravagant but a well-deserved reward. The same would apply to the homeless digging in a dustbin for a meal? If you are hungry, you need to eat, so what other is there but starvation. If you are hungry, what other option is there beside famine. 

The ugliness comes into play when we do not appreciate what we have. 

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The seven sins: 

Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride. You do not have to be a Christian to see why these rank the highest.

If you choose to be the beggar and live free from society and its demands, this is your choice in life. It must be less stressful, not having to worry about debt. We cannot condemn them as we do not know why they have chosen this path.

It is your priority to strive for the best, yet the stress that can come from it will take its toll. It is your choice. 

If you are either one of these people and choose not to care about the other, it is wrong, and you will never be happy. Every mother wishes that their children grow up to be good people, not a rich one.

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