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The Romantic Side Of Each Zodiac Sign

The zodiac signs are one of the oldest universal symbolical languages. Each sign reflects the sun’s position when you were born. Yet little is known about the specific origins of the zodiac, it does have a strong influence on your character, personality, and emotions. 

An element rules each zodiac sign: water, fire, earth, or air, and each of the elements is characterized by various strengths and tendencies, yet how each sign is affected by its element is unique to that sign.

Your zodiac sign is a powerful tool to understand yourself and your relationships. Each Zodiac sign is different in many ways. Below we have listed each sign and how they interact in the romance department. 

Check out how your zodiac sign shows love.


They fight for a person’s attention and don’t back down from a challenge. Even though they chase behind a person, they don’t do it for long. 

Rams are very confident and sexy when flirting. They have the ability to impress people quickly. 

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They flirt sensually and attentively. Bulls have a down to earth approach regarding everything. Their flirting style is physical, magnetic, and sweet. 

They are seen as relatively passive until there is a presence of a competitor in their domain. The bull’s majestic aura reels people in. These people are also patient and charismatic. 


Gemini people flirt in a communicative and obvious way that usually includes speech or body language. Their flirting style is also intellectual, witty, and surprising. They focus on both physical as well as mental stimulation. 

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Gemini people avoid having deep conversations in social settings. They also can occupy a person’s mind with their unique intellect.


They are emotional and seductive. Cancer people have a flattering and direct flirting style. They are seen as traditional, charismatic, and entertaining. 

Although crabs seem shy, it is to ensure the other person feels the same way about them before making a move. They save their romanticism for lifelong partners.


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Lions are regal and dramatic. Their flirting style is strong, attractive, egotistic, adventurous as well as admirable. They are able to blend in with people and get everyone’s attention. 

A Leo doesn’t have much competition. They showcase their hearts to potential romantic partners. 


Those who fall under this category are shy and mysterious. A Virgo is unselfish, reserved, and mixed. They use body language as a communicative flirting style. 

Since Virgo’s are intelligent, they tend to select an equally intelligent partner. They only let special people into their circle. 

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They are balanced and charming. Their flirting style is direct, graceful, and attractive. When it comes to love, they look for a balance. They are direct in their approach and don’t give out mixed signals. 

Libra’s are considered as passionate people who use their words to capture the hearts of others. 


Scorpions are intense and deceptive in flirting. They are sensual, flirty, and powerful. You can even call them the masters of flirting. They are very cunning when pursuing a potential partner and won’t hesitate to use their sexual venom. 

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Scorpio’s perceive love as a battlefield. Their presence is enough to captivate a person and lure them in. 


They are spontaneous and engaging.  A Sagittarius has a flirting style that is carefree, outrageous, and magnetic. Potential partners easily fall in love with them. But they do stay detached from emotions, which might cause various problems. 

These people love adventures and surprises. They flirt directly; some might even perceive this quality as being rude. 


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The goat is considered authoritative and mysterious. Their flirting style is direct, causal, and honest. They use body language when flirting. 

Capricorns only flirt with people who stimulate them intellectually, and they don’t waste time on weak people. They also tend to attract the wrong people due to their alluring and mysterious nature. 


An Aquarius is unique and electrifying. They flirt in a charismatic, witty, and brainy manner. Since they are social beings, they feel comfortable flirting with people in social settings. They seek personable, liberal, and free-spirited partners. 

In order to attract their potential partner, they use body language. These people are passionate and trustworthy.

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They are charismatic and sensitive. Their flirting style is magnetic, mystical, and sensual.  Even though they can be shy at times, they are also noticeable. Their presence is mysterious and powerful. 

People who belong to this category attract people with their sensuality and intelligence. They can even be nurturing and insightful. A Pisces has the ability to understand a person’s character just after one conversation.

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