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The Perfect Home

We live in a society of unreasonable and sometimes extreme expectations.

Billboards, television, magazines, social media, and websites with countless advertising ads offer us suggestions for the ‘perfect home.’ All of them have either stunning decor, appetizing laid food tables, beautiful people, and beaming faces with sparkling eyes shown on all sorts of media platforms.

All the images with the perfect smile, happy family make you feel that the items are essential because if we buy the products shown in the pictures, we too can have that ‘perfect home.’ 

It is not a new marketing strategy; this advertising method comes across to us with subtle and sometimes not so subtle messages that our lives will be happier, better, and more fulfilled should we buy their products.

It appears that our entire economy is built on marketing to make people feel dissatisfied with what they have and buy their product. None of you are immune to advertising campaign persuasion.

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The advertiser knows just how to make their ad’s significant, as we all crave a home filled with warmth, love, laughter, and comfort. Time spent with family, be it celebrating or just having fun, laughing and chatting, is precious and memorable.

You need to remember that you don’t need any of those things advertised to have a ‘perfect home.’

You don’t need any of those trendy things, a big-screen television, stainless steel appliances, or for that matter, expensive food and drink, and you certainly don’t need that Merc in the driveway to have the ‘perfect home.’

Home is about family, gratitude, love, and acceptance. It is about working towards a future and reflecting on the life that was, and looking forward to the life you can manifest in the future, without all the worldly things.

Be grateful for all the things in your life, regardless of how trivial they may be.

Count your blessings, enjoy and appreciate what you have. At the end of the day, it is the people who matter most. Gratitude brings abundance.

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Gratitude helps people react positively, feel more positive, enjoy beautiful experiences, deal with difficult times, improve health, and build strong relationships. 

Next time you see an ad that looks like it will make your home perfect, instead of rushing into the store or going online, rather rush home and work on the relationships you have around you. Fill your home with love and not make-believe fake photos materialistic things.

There is no need to max out your credit card or go into debt. The ‘perfect home’ is what you make it with your attitude and appreciating what you have.

The idea of happiness that ads help you create can prevent you from appreciating and enjoying your journey’s day-to-day reality.

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