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The Other Side of Empathy No One Talks About 

An empath has the ability to put oneself in another person’s position and understand that particular person’s thoughts and feelings. They resonate with others on various levels because of their ability to sense the electrical energy around people. 

Empaths are also known to be the healers of the world. They are the people whose senses are heightened, and they see things from a different perspective, yet they can understand where others are coming from even though they may not be happy about or agree with them.

Empaths are known to be caring, sympathetic, compassionate, and sensitive souls. But did you know that they have a dark side too? 

Here are the reasons why they have a dark side attached to them.

1. They cannot handle their own emotions 

You might think that an empath is an expert when it comes to emotions and can handle their own emotions effectively, but this is not true. They have a tough time managing their emotions and keeping them in check. 

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Empaths have the ability to deeply feel another person’s emotions, especially when it comes to emotions like sadness. It can drag them down into depression. They are constantly in a fight to keep their emotions in check.

Empaths have a hard time differentiating between their own emotions and the emotions of others. In the end, they have to find other empaths to share their feelings with.

2. Dealing with negative energy results in fatigue 

Since empaths are sensitive to electrical energies, they feel overloaded with a large amount of information they have to deal with daily. This leaves them feeling overwhelmed and exhausted because it is hard for them to process this huge load of information. 

Empaths are particularly receptive to negative energy, and it upsets them immensely. When they are surrounded by negative energy, they tend to suffer from fatigue. 

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3. They are taken advantage of 

Since empaths always tend to believe in the goodness of people, people often take advantage of these trusting souls. People use empaths because they are kind and generous by nature. They attract people who only take and never give back. When empaths find out that people used them, they fall into a deep depression. 

4. They neglect themselves 

Empaths are focused on giving instead of receiving. So they neglect their own physical and mental health. Since the stress of being an empath tires them out, they often forget to take care of themselves. 

5. It is hard for them to fall in love 

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They hold back when it comes to love because they have witnessed all the cruelty in this world. Therefore empaths find it hard to give themselves to another person completely. They are afraid of falling in love deeply because of the fear of experiencing all that passion. Empaths hold back a piece of their heart, fearing that they will get hurt in the future. 

6. They often feel like they carry a heavy burden 

Empaths are selfless by nature and feel that it is their duty to help others. They place a huge burden on themselves because it is impossible to help everyone in need. 

Empaths should surround themselves with people who understand them, people they can talk to, and who listen and understand things from their perspectives as well.

Empaths should be able to let down the wall they’ve built up around them so that they can let their empathetic selves do good in their own life. Otherwise, empaths are destined to fight a never-ending war within themselves.

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