The Narcissists Hidden Language


Have you dealt with a Narcissist before? Narcissists are the Kings of communication. A narcissist uses the spoken word as their weapon. They turn words around, same as putting words in your mouth. They are so good that they have you believing it is constructive criticism except there is nothing constructive about it. Their talent is saying the right things at the right time. They belittle, confuse, and degrade a person.

Imagine your partner comments on the way you dressed every morning. Perhaps your clothing is a bit tight in their opinion. The insult could insinuate that you are overweight, maybe the standard of the garment is not fashionable or just a hint of lack of taste. Surely you would think twice before wearing the clothing item again. Done regularly causes damage and could lead to a whole lot of phycological issues.

Having feelings for a Narcissist or respecting their opinion could do damage to anyone. It could lead to a perfectly healthy person becoming mentally and physically ill.

Learn to identify a Narcissists behavior so that you can help put an end to it should one of your family or friends be dating one. A simple understanding of why and how this happened will assist you in rebuilding the damage they created. If you had the unpleasant situation of dealing with one, you will most likely never fall prey to one again.

At the beginning of a relationship, Narcissists will convince their victim that they have a unique and special bond.

Their usual way to gain control over their victims is with small insignificant comments, which forms the foundation of a narcissists verbal abuse. With a smile they would say things; ‘You’re very sensitive’, ‘You misunderstood what was said’, ‘I was only joking’. Eventually, that will wear anyone down.

A narcissist will dismiss criticism and insults by claiming that they did not mean any of it. They start this early in a relationship when you would pass it off as a small flaw in their otherwise charming poise.

They are crafty and know just how to maneuver themselves into a dominant position and make you feel that you are the problem. Your self-esteem will take a significant blow. You become unsure whether you should be offended or not.

Narcissist are not afraid to use vulnerable, intimate information which you told them in trust thinking it would strengthen the bond between you when they feel it would empower them.

Narcissists uses false praise to manipulate people and to make the criticisms that follow more palatable.

Narcissists likes to accuse their victims that they are paranoid or that they are a control freak, to mirror their own problems and transplant them into their victims.

They question their victims’ memory while telling them that the events were different from what was said. The more a narcissist can confuse their victim, the easier it becomes to control them.

Narcissists will even go as far as saying that you did something, knowing full well that they themselves did it. Done repetitively will disorientate a victim.

They claim that you are the only person that misunderstands them. This, in turn, causes the victim to have low self-esteem, low , and low self-belief, which makes them vulnerable to future manipulation.

A Narcissist may change their voice to louder, or they go silent with a glare, a nod of the head, a frown or they just turn away.

A narcissist will adopt any approach to wear their victims down. By identifying these tactics is the first step to overcoming them and release yourself from the hold they have over you.

Narcissists live in a delusional fantasy world and they need constant praise and admiration.

These are warning sign that something is wrong. Don’t ignore it!

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