Intimacy In A Relationship Real Or Not

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All intimacy levels are different. It could be emotional, or it could be physical. However, one thing is for sure, we all need and crave it.

It could be the call you make at 3 am because you feel alone even though you know they are maybe sleeping. You talk until you drift off to sleep with the phone resting on your pillow, knowing that they are there.

Intimacy is when all the other people in the room seem to be taking unnecessary space. You would prefer to give all your attention to that particular person.

Intimacy is when your mind is full of the woes of life, and you crave that person saying, “It will be ok.” 

Butterflies in the stomach? Butterflies are the best way to feel it. That first love, breathing in their being. The fear of losing them to another, to life, to death. Few things can compare with these emotions. With this comes the bonding of the body and the caress of the soul. Sweet Desire.

However, the body needs less feeding than the soul. It is where you understand each other’s needs and want to fulfill them. It is a silent understanding, where they appreciate and love you for being you. At this point, it is where trust leads the way. 

When the Butterflies settle, and you are in the space of harmony with your partner. Putting their needs before your own, living this life as one, then you have achieved true intimacy.

Real intimacy is when you have won gold, for no one can break this shield. No argument is severe enough to stay angry. There is no bad habit that cannot be changed. No day is long enough. Your hours in this world are numbered, and every minute of it is precious.

Like any venture, healthy loving relationships have to have these essential ingredients:

Relationships are not easy. Stay on course, love passionately, but never lose your individuality.

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