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The Full Moon Is Sick Of Being Blamed For Problems

Why is it so common for earthlings to blame every unfortunate occurrence on the “Full Moon”?

People tend to interpret information to confirm their beliefs. When life is hectic on a Full Moon, plenty of people associate it with the Full Moon, yet the hectic days that do not align with the Full Moon are conveniently ignored and forgotten because it does not reinforce their beliefs.

If anything goes wrong, “MUST BE A FULL MOON.”

The “Full Moon” has officially stated that it denies all liability for any strange unforeseen problems, dilemmas, arguments, and or catastrophes that may happen on Mother Earth during a “Full Moon.”

The Full Moon states, “I am innocent!”

I have nothing to do with the dogs barking. They bark regardless, that’s how they communicate.

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I have nothing to do with the children not wanting to sleep. How much sugar did you feed them or bribe them?

I have nothing to do with humans driving like maniacs. Humans always drive like maniacs. I can see you from up here.

I have absolutely nothing to do with your accident. You were daydreaming or texting on your mobile.

I have nothing to do short-temper and crankiness. You should have had more sleep or less to drink.

I have nothing to do with your exam results. If you had studied, you would have better results.

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Dear Earthlings, just cause I make sipping cocktails in the moonlight look romantic, movies scenes look cooler or even create a scary scene in a horror movie. It about time you take some responsibility for your own life!

Just so that you know, I am always full. Just because I look like a half-moon or a crescent moon at times, I am still full. Even when you don’t see me, it doesn’t mean that I am not there!”

Pull your shit together and stop pretending that shadows dictate your life.

All mooned out, no further comments.

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