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The 4 Aspects To A Perfect Love According to Buddhism

According to Buddhism, practicing love can bring happiness.

There are four elements of love in the Buddhist faith, which forms ‘true love.’ These elements are not magical or spiritual theories. They are behaviors and values that should be taken into consideration to make love stronger.

The four elements are:

maithri or love
karuna or compassion
joy or mudita
upeksha or equanimity

They called “immeasurable” traits because they increase when practiced. Buddhists are not the only ones that practice them; anyone can practice them without reservation, according to Buddha.

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The four elements of love are simple and easy to grasp, which will make your relationship fulfilling and joyful. They apply to all forms of love, including self-love.

True love is powerful and has the power to heal and transform. True love brings meaning to lives.

The four elements are called the Brahmaviharas that can bring us closer to the source of love in the Universe.

How to deepen your relationships:


Happiness is the manifestation of inner delight, which means you are content and enthusiastic. It does not necessarily mean that you feel happy all the time; it is more of a disposition, a way of facing life, and the activities around you.

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Happy people have a fantastic effect on the people around them. Happiness is contagious.


Compassion does not mean to pity someone or that they are inferior to you. Compassion is fundamentally an act of empathy; it is about understanding other people’s pain and feelings as if it were your own. Compassion helps you to accept vulnerabilities and weaknesses without criticizing them.

Mutual enjoyment

When two people want to spend time with each other and genuinely enjoy each other’s company, giving them your full attention, that is love.

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It includes the ability to listen and be open to what the other person has to say, think, or do. 


According to Buddhism, you cannot be free without inner peace and balance. Inner peace is the same as being composed and calm at all times and situations. 

To love yourself and others, you need to calm the inner turmoil that prevents you from flourishing and having positive feelings.

Inner peace consists of

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calmness, contentment, comfort, pleasure, and happiness.

Freedom is taken away by anger. You would need to work on your feelings and process them to be able to be free to love. If you haven’t dealt with it, you could direct your fears and aggression toward other people.

According to Buddhists love is an active feeling. 

Every person is a reference and support for the people you love, so developing these aspects will have a positive impact on all of those around you, as well as encourage them to do likewise.

What does Gautam Buddha say about true love?
True love doesn’t leave a scar when it is lost, as true love can never be lost.

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How to love without attachment:

Practicing nonattachment could make your relationships better. Love your partner, feel the joy and connectedness you have with them. Yet, it is good to love them unselfishly. Love them in a way that leaves them room to feel free to choose their own thoughts and actions

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