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The 10 Times That You Need To Be Quiet In Life

As challenging as it is, there are so many lessons that can be learned from keeping quiet, and there is an opportunity for all of us to improve ourselves by keeping quiet at times.

As humans, we all love to talk. But there are times when it is much better to remain silent instead of speaking up. 

Here are 10 such instances.

1. When you don’t have the facts 

You should speak about a topic only if you have facts and evidence related to that specific topic.

It is necessary to have an informed opinion. If you don’t have the facts and evidence, then it is better to remain quiet. When you come across sensitive issues, you need to hold your tongue until you know the facts. 

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2. When you feel the words will hurt

This occurs when you are mad at someone or are in a heated argument. We say hurtful things, knowing how much it might hurt the person on the receiving end. Therefore, it is wise to be quiet during a time like that.

3. When you have a sense that you will be ashamed 

It is not worth it to feel ashamed of something you shouldn’t have said in the first place. To avoid these situations, you need to remain silent.

4. When it’s not our place to speak 

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It is important to hear others out instead of always being heard. It will provide various insights as well as improve personal relationships. Speak only when it is needed. If you feel like it is not in your place to speak, then stay silent.

5. When we have nothing to say

There is no rule stating that we have to say something and make conversation. Uncomfortable silence is awkward, but we shouldn’t feel obliged to say something when we have nothing to say. 

6. When you’re being taunted 

There’s no reason for you to speak to someone whose goal is to taunt you. You shouldn’t have to deal with unwanted criticism and bullying. 

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Remember that you have the power to end a conversation whenever you want to. 

7. When you’re trying to change a related behavior 

If we want to change the way we speak to others, we also need to realize that it is normal for conflicting thoughts and feelings to arise. So it is better to remain quiet until we regain control.

8. When your negative emotions are high

You shouldn’t talk to people when you’re in a bad state. It is because negative emotions can cloud your judgment. You might end up saying unimaginable things. Wait until you find your way back to yourself and then speak. 

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9. When you could be doing something productive 

Sometimes we engage in conversations in order to avoid responsibility. This is a terrible habit.

Instead of wasting your time chattering about useless things, invest that time in an important task. 

10. When your words will poorly reflect on someone 

Trying to harm a person’s character by talking behind their back is a rather low thing to do. If you have a problem with anyone, speak directly to them about it. Show some character by rising above the negative talk.

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Sometimes unkind comments don’t run off people’s skin like water. They may laugh, give a sarcastic comeback, or it may feel like they are totally ignoring you, yet they have taken what you have said to heart, and it can impact their entire life!

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