Tattoo Health Risks: How Tattoo Disrupts Your Frequency

Tattoo Health Risks: How Tattoo Disrupts Your Frequency

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How tattoo disrupts your body’s frequency Your state of health relies heavily on the natural frequencies of your body. When the natural frequencies of your body are disrupted due to toxins, your body can’t function at its optimal levels. This process can weaken your immune system and cause you to lack energy. For more information on this topic, read this informative article about the relationship between disease and frequency. Most of today’s tattoo inks are far from natural because they contain unknown conglomeration of metallic salts, including but not limited to oxides, sulphides, and selenides. In addition, nearly half of the organic colorants used in tattoos aren’t approved for use on the skin. It is estimated that under 20 percent of tattoo colorants have aromatic amine in them, which is a carcinogen. In most countries, there isn’t any strict law that regulates the health risk of conventional tattoo inks. Because of this, many conventional tattoo inks often contain toxins that are harmful to the natural frequencies of your body. These toxins cause harm to the natural frequencies of your body by disrupting the electromagnetic communication process of biophotons, which are the “living light” in cells. This disruption then causes abnormal electromagnetic resonances, affecting the natural frequencies of your body in negative ways. At the deepest levels, the human body is made of only energy. To be more specific, it is a holographic projection of energy or a hologram. When you inject toxins into your body, you are actually injecting toxins made of energy codes that contain a lot of negative information. Once inside your body, these energy codes often spread to certain parts of your holographic body. This then pollutes your holographic body with negative information. As your DNA processes the information stored in your holographic body, it also processes the toxins’ negative information and then projects it into your physical body. Once this happens, depending on how severe the negative information is, physical symptoms can instantly manifest in your body, causing pain, discomfort, or other health problems.

Why the Controllers encourage celebrities to get tattoos

The Controllers (the leaders of the Illuminati) who engineered the tattoo movement and made it popular in Western cultures are well aware of how modern tattoo inks affect the natural frequencies of the body. This is why they encourage their slaves (celebrities) to tattoo their body. This is also why the Controllers don’t tattoo their body. The hidden agenda of the tattoo movement is to lower the frequency of our body, so that we can be easier to control. Many popular celebrities are often forced by the minions of the Controllers to get certain tattoos for identification and/or ownership purposes. For example, celebrities who have been programmed through Project Monarch are forced to get the butterfly tattoo. Other celebrities just like to ignorantly show off their allegiance to the Illuminati by getting tattoos that represent satanic symbols. The Controllers know that most people like to look up to celebrities as role models. Because of this, they know that by showing images and videos of celebrities with tattoos on the mainstream media, they can brainwash people into thinking that tattoos are cool. Their tattoo psychological operation has worked like a charm, which is why in the United States nearly 25 percent of Americans have at least one permanent tattoo on their body. For more information on how toxins harm your body’s frequency, read my informative article titled How Toxins Harm Your Body’s Energy Fields. Sources:

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