Tables That Create An Illusion Animals Are Emerging From Water


Derek Pearce designer, woodcarver, sculptor, and furniture maker, who has a unique creative vision, carves animal figurines out of wood and stone to make stunning coffee tables.

In a world full of mass production, the vision, wit and craftsmanship of Derek Pearce’s singular works provides a welcome relief.

It all began with the hippo table, which he carved in solid limewood and was followed by the ducks diving, dolphins, seals, frogs, sea otter, synchronized swimmers, a man in the bath, a woman reading in the bath, even King Kanute holding back the waves.

These ‘Water Tables’ give an illusion of the animals plunging in and out of water or just floating, the majority of the body is beneath the glass tabletop. The animal sculptures act as a base while adding aesthetic appeal to the furniture.

Pearce has been creating these stunning water tables since 1997. He exhibits and sells his beautiful creations throughout Japan, Europe, and America.

Do you want to add spice to your living room area? A coffee table by Pearce would definitely be a conversation starter and spice up your living room area.

Meet the man who created these beautiful coffee tables, and then take a look at his amazing creations below:

Permission to published these photos herein from Derek Pearce.

Most of the designs are available to order or you can commission a special piece sculpted in wood, resin or bronze, for further info contact:

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