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Swedish Couple Builds Greenhouse Around Their Home To Become Self-sufficient

The first greenhouse was built in Saltsjöbaden, Stockholm in 1974-76, by Bengt Warne, a Swedish eco-architect, for him and his family and also for research and development until 1981. Then the house was sold. The core of the house was surrounded by glass using nature’s elements earth, air, water and fire to maintain the house. In the cold winter months, a high-efficiency stove kept the house warm. Accumulated rainwater was used for bathing, doing laundry and dishes, then returned to nature as irrigation. The plants cleaned the air.

Several other “Naurhus” (Nature House) are built in Germany and Sweden. So Marie Granmar and Charles Sacilotto house are not the first Nature House. Socilotto inspired by Bengt Warne a Swedish eco-architect, who was also Sacilotto’s mentor.

Marie Granmar and Charles Sacilotto literally live in a glass bubble insulated from harsh elements and making the most of nature. Their house surrounded by 4-millimeter panes of glass cost approximately $84,000 to install.

The rooftop deck has no roof which they utilize for sunbathing, reading, playing with their son and even gardening.

This amazing houses glass roof opens automatically when the house reaches a specific temperature, so it doesn’t get too hot inside.

They have installed a system to collect rainwater, and the kitchen and garden waste is recycled back into their ecosystem. The house has a composting toilet system to provide fertilizer for the plants. The plants clean the air providing fresh oxygen.

They are working on a design to capture excess solar energy during summer to store it for winter.

Marie said if you are not dependent on more significant systems and you are self-sufficient, you can live anywhere in the world.

Stockholm’s winter can last 9 months out of the year, so living in the “Naurhus” has plenty of advantages.

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Take a tour of the ‘Naturhus’ in the video below.

His mentor Warne described this other world as another dimension. Life in a greenhouse gives archituecture a fourth dimension.

Glass is one of the worlds most remarkable building materials with many benefits. It provides access to natural light, and the ability to blend the interior with the exterior. Glass illuminates a building during the day with natural light, saving money and energy resources. Glass is also recyclable.

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