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Subtle Signs A Narcissist Is Manipulating You

Narcissists are a bad influence on those around them. They tend to manipulate people to get what they want. It isn’t easy to figure out if a narcissist is manipulating you. 

Narcissistic partners act as if they are always right, that they know better and that their partner is wrong or incompetent.

Therefore we’re here to help you by providing some signs that indicate you’re being manipulated. 

1. They’re overly aggressive 

Narcissists express their anger physically by hitting, shoving, or kicking you. They might direct their anger physically to the house, pet, or environment. A narcissist can punch a wall or break a vase by shattering it on the ground. If you bear witness to their physical aggression, you might fear them afterward. Although they might not hurt you, they will use this fear to control you.

2. They put you down

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Narcissists pretend as if they’re supporting you, but in reality, they want to put you down. They might start adding negative comments that break your spirit. Although the negative comments are subtle, they will surely make you lose your self-worth. According to them, everything you do is considered wrong.

3. They pin others against you

When you argue with a narcissist or disagree about something, they might convince someone else that they are right and turn that person against you. They usually do so in public settings. Narcissists try to get everyone on their side just to prove you wrong, making you look like a bad guy.

4. They pinpoint your insecurities 

These people know your insecurities in and out, and they don’t hesitate to use them against you. They indirectly use your insecurities when complimenting you. This is to ensure that you go back to them. 

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5. They focus all conversations on themselves 

Whenever you try to talk about yourself or your issues with a narcissist, they turn the whole conversation around to end up focusing on them. They cut you off whenever you try to express yourself by coming up with their own stories or thoughts. At the start, it is less frequent and prominent, but with time this gets worse.

6. They always play the victim, and everything is your fault

Narcissists are not able to take accountability for their own actions. They try to maintain a good image that, in reality, is fake. Blaming you for their mistakes is quite common among narcissists. They believe that they can’t do anything wrong. Narcissists are expert victim-blamers. If you are a victim in this scenario, you might have experienced how mentally and physically draining it is. 

Narcissistic personality disorder involves:

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  • A pattern of self-centered, arrogant behavior.
  • A lack of empathy and consideration for people.
  • An extreme need for admiration.

Others often describe people with NPD as cocky, manipulative, selfish, condescending, and demanding.

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