Study Shows That People With RH Negative Blood Type Are Not From Planet Earth

Study Shows That People With RH Negative Blood Type Are Not From Planet Earth

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People have a different type of blood. All of them have contained and are categorized by amounts of protein — except type RH negative.

Do you think it’s possible that human beings possessing the latter blood type are actually from Mars, Venus, or some other planet in the universe? Well, after physics breakdown past the horizons of black holes, people say anything is possible. But is it likely that RH negative blood has unearthly origins?

The fascinating thing is that these people have green or blue eyes. They have naturally orange colored hair, very cool body temperatures, and they are sensitive to hot temperatures. What’s even more fascinating — the claims that the physical, mental, and emotional awareness of these individuals is heightened. This by no means is a sneaky way to an intro of an upcoming movie.

The researchers show that pregnant women with type RH negative blood have very difficult moments when they give birth.

Their babies additionally possess an equivalent blood type. In this scenario, it’s not a stretch to mention that the woman’s body truly makes an attempt to kill the baby within.

So, by knowing all this, can we make a conclusion that the Martian, Venusian, or other alien theories are correct?

The question what we ask ourselves is what will—or what should—happen if one of the theories is true.

This article was originally titled ” Study shows — if You Have This Blood Type, You Might Have Alien DNA”.  was found on www.selfdevelopshop and republished with permission.

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