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Studies Show Dogs Are Likely To Sense Bad People

So many articles I’ve read on dog phycology and here is a topic that I find interesting: Can my dogs sense when they are dealing with a bad person?

Its common knowledge that a cat is attracted to someone who dislikes cats, I can well believe that as cats are by nature not swayed by anything. Dogs, however, are different. All they need is your approval and affection.

The internet is full of articles about this subject, but the real source of information would come from the canines themselves.

The problem is I have never spoken to my dog, in that way, and neither has anyone else. So how would we know?

Research is the answer here, and here is what a simple study came up with;

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The dog owner attempted to open a container and acted like he could not. He asked for help from another party who declined quite aggressively. The dog picked up on the aggression between the two and steered away from that person. The dog wouldn’t even accept a treat from him. When has a dog ever declined a treat?

What about the dogs attitude towards a stranger?

My dogs have been unfriendly towards someone standing outside a shop after passing many others. Why?

There are different theories here, but a sensible one is based on the dogs’ keen sense of smell. I have seen documentaries where dogs are used to smell out cancer, for one. What about police dogs, cadaver dogs, or the bomb unit. We won’t even mention search and rescue dogs. Our furry friends are everyday heroes. So why not bad people?

Dogs smell chemical changes in people. It all boils down to chemicals. The pheromones they emit would indicate a bad intention or perhaps aggression in some cases. When aggressive, we release chemicals that they can smell. They pick up the smell, and a defense mechanism is activated. Of course, humans are not capable of this, suggesting that the dogs are forewarned and can, therefore, protect us before it even happens.

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They are not the final answer though, because we also have psychopaths walking among us. Psychopaths are unable to feel an emotion and therefore have no chemical outbursts.

Another way to reflect here is that we have such a deep, uniques bond with our pets, well you should, and most of us do have that, and they can pick up on our emotions. They will then react in the same manner. You laugh, you get a wagging tail. You cry, you get a face lick. They are beautiful like this.

Another one would be what we call our gut feelings or sixth sense. Although humans might ignore this warning, a dog will never go with anything than their will to survive.

So, my opinion is if my dog doesn’t like them, well then neither do I.

If you want a fur child, please adopt, as there are so many of “mans best friend” in shelters and look at their capabilities. All they need is love, food, a roof over their head, for that you will have their unconditional love and protection.

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