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Spotting an Authentic Psychic

By Jackie, guest writer,
Enlightened Consciousness

People often think that religion and a belief in psychic phenomena (including extra-sensory power and psychic abilities) are mutually exclusive yet research indicates the opposite. As noted by CBS, two thirds of self-identified Catholics believe psychic phenomena occur, and those with a college education are slightly more likely to believe in these phenomena than those who have not obtained a degree. The statistics are in line with a renewed interest in spirituality in the youth. As noted by Harvard researchers, millennials may be less interested in organized religion, but they are certainly fascinated by spirituality in all its forms – be it through yoga, meditation, or psychic readings.

Psychics Providing Greater Clarity

Without a doubt, there are many psychics who have made a positive difference to people’s lives, either through communication with loved ones who have passed away, or through an ability to clarify doubts or burdens we may be facing. When selecting a psychic, always go to someone recommended by friends and family. Make sure that during readings, they are able to give you examples of information or tips the psychic has given them. Ensure the psychic shows authentic empathy and interest in you. Be wary of those who seem to be telling you everything you want to hear, painting a picture of your future that is a tad too rosy.

Scams to Watch Out For

Be very vigilant of specific psychic scams. These include emails promising to stop a tragedy from happening, or readings provided by email (which tend to be automated and therefore impersonal). Be generally wary of anyone whose focus is largely commercial; for instance, psychics who charge by the minute. There is nothing wrong with psychics charging for their services, of course, but they should express a sincere desire to help clients and fees should not be exorbitant. That is, if their fees have the potential to affect your savings or investments, wait until you find someone else.

Psychics should not try to force your relationship into an ongoing one that will end up costing you thousands of dollars. Ideally, you should be the one to determine how often (if relevant) you wish to visit them, if more than one visit is necessary. Sometimes, all doubts will be cleared in just one session, which is an ideal scenario for those who fear being scammed.

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Talent is Easy to Spot

Sometimes, people seek out the help of psychics after losing a loved one, or when undergoing a difficult experience such as a divorce. These are moments when they can feel at their most vulnerable. This is why recommendations are so important. Equally vital, however, is eliciting from the start how much the psychic knows. If they are telling you about a loved one they are communicating, can they give a specific description? Can they share words of a loved one which this person would actually have said to you in life? Finally, do you feel that your experience with the psychic has served to instil a sense of wellbeing?

If you think a psychic can clear up big doubts or help you contact someone you miss who has passed away, try to put your emotions aside and select wisely. Check out recommendations and online reviews of the psychic, try to objectively analyze the information he or she gives you, and above all, commit to a specific amount you are willing to spend, being very wary of any threats to your financial health.

About the author

Working as a writer, Jackie started her career in health and beauty, but after becoming a mom refocused and decided to spend more time with her family. When she’s not writing, she volunteers for a number of local mental health charities and also has a menagerie of pets to look after.

This article is copyrighted material and not permitted to reproduce, publish, sell, or distribute without asking for prior permission by Enlightened Consciousness or the author. ~~

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