Soul Contracts – Your Life Plan and Relationships

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Each of us have a life plan, an agreement we made before coming into being. You incarnate on Earth, at this time, and in this body for a higher purpose. You have a mission, we all do. You made an outline before you were born, a divine blueprint of sorts, which included the life challenges, the encounters, the lessons, the people, and your surroundings that  you would experience. This was a promise you made to yourself so that you could come to grow and learn. Think of Earth like a big school, but we don’t ‘fail’ our tests because even if we are perceiving something as failure, it is all meant to occur for our greater growth.

The divine blueprint or contract lies within and you’ve carried it with you since birth. It holds the answers to all life’s challenges or questions. The answers are within and are designed to assist you in your journey of discovering your higher self, to break through the veil of illusion and to facilitate the realization that you are god and god is you. And with that understanding your blueprint will become much more clear.

When we learn from our experiences we evolve as beings and begin to reconnect with our own divinity. In-between lifetimes we think about things we would like to learn in order to facilitate our soul’s evolution. Maybe you want or need to learn more about compassion, gratitude, speaking your truth or just sharing with others. This is also where soul contracts with others come into play. Be it a soul-mate, a best friend, a mother, a father, a co-worker or boss, they are all your teachers, but they are also your students. The contracts go both ways, for it’s a growth that happens together, one might be aware and one might not be, either way the energy exchange occurs. If one of your lessons was to grow with a partner and discover the truths of a relationship then you and another soul could have agreed (before you came to Earth) to experience this as a married couple.

However, it is important to remember that even when a soul contract is made it’s not necessarily written in stone. We all still have free-will. You and your partner may have pre-arranged, in the spirit world, to be married on Earth, but without a time-frame because marriage is an experience that free-will can change. Sometimes you and your partner learn what is meant to be learned. Therefore, the journey of marriage is complete and divorce occurs. Or maybe, consciously or subconsciously, you’ve chosen to stop working on those lessons and want try it again in the next lifetime. If your partner is leaving you, it could also be because you’ve chosen to experience rejection or abandonment for your growth.

This is where some start to wonder, why would I choose to experience cancer or watch a loved one die? Why would I want my sister and I to be abused as a child or to grow up poor in a foster home? Why would any negative experience be for my greater growth? This is why many people begin to get angry at god or blame god for the issues of life. But these experiences have been created by us, we are One with god/universe/higher power because we are god and god is us. Once this is realized experiences can shift dramatically. The physical manifestation of our soul contract or our subconscious creations we manifest on Earth can feel extremely difficult, like signing up for a class but not realizing you’ve got the hardest teacher on campus. Keep in mind that your soul and your guides know you can handle it. Keep in mind that your teachers and you are one.

Once we are born. pretty much all of us forget these contracts. The physical body is dense and one of the greatest lessons on Earth is just learning to be a human. And although challenging at times, it also brings the great joy. This is why turning inward, realizing we were lost, or coming home to ourselves feels like we are finally free. That is ultimate spiritual growth. Embrace the journey you’ve created and are currently creating for yourself. It’s a temporary experience, pour your love on it and live it because it really is for your greater good. Besides, who knows you better than your own soul?

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Michele Miller is a staff writer for Enlightened Consciousness and The Open Mind. She is passionate about creating a more conscious world and cultivating more connection among us all. 

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