Some of the World’s Coolest Animal Bridges are Popping up Around the World


Animal bridges are popping up all over the world which is a significant plus for animals and humans alike. The bridges help cause less death and injuries to wildlife and humans, as well as property damage. The collisions cost the United States a staggering $8 Billion a year.

According to Wikipedia, the first wildlife crossings was in 1950s in France. Netherland, Switzerland, France, and Germany have been using overpasses and underpasses tunnels, fish ladders, amphibian tunnels, and green roofs to protect wildlife for many years. Wildlife crossings are also becoming increasingly common in Canada and the United States.

Approximately 600 tunnels are constructed in the Netherlands to help protect the endangered European badger. The Netherlands has the longest ecoduct which runs 800 meters across a highway, railroad and golf course.

In 1978 24 wildlife crossings were constructed in Banff as part of a road improvement project. In the past 30 years, thousands of wildlife crossing have been constructed in the United States alone.

Matt Howard, UDOT’s natural resource manager, says there are four motion-detecting cameras to show them how and when the animals use the bridge, which UDOT plans to share with the public at a later stage.

Howard’s is worried that curious humans will get too close to the bridge and scare the animals. It is not a recreational bridge, and he would like everyone including bikers, hikers and dog walker to stay away from the bridge. It is purely for wildlife. They don’t want them to ruin the project and hope no one will trespass.

Featured Image: via h4m on Reddit

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