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Simplify The Mind – 10 Things To Get Rid Of

Habits that many people struggle with repeatedly.

The fundamental cause of unhappiness is not the situation you’re in, but your thoughts about it.

It’s a good idea to change your life to a happy state, but the first thing you would have to do is to change some habits, especially ones that are not good for you. 

Here are 10 habits that many of you struggle with repeatedly. 
Should you recognize yourself in any of these habits, it would be an excellent time to get rid of them so that you are free of the consequences they could cause.

1. Regrets

It would be best if you didn’t regret anything you have done, as sometimes it’s the best you could have done at the time, and in your current situation. Except if it is illegal or against the law. 

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If you live by the rule, ‘for every action, there is a reaction,’ you shouldn’t go wrong.

A bad relationship or friendship is not always a bad thing, as you could have learned something from it. 

Dwelling in regret consumes a significant amount of time and energy.

It’s been said that people regret many things in life because they have an idealized version of themselves that they wish to live up to at all times. When you let go of these ideals and embrace the reality of life, you can free yourself from that illusion. Embrace your dark side and find a balance between the two (Yin and Yang).

2. Blame Shifting

Every person that enters your life is a mirror image of part of yourself, so, therefore, they are your teacher, a lesson for you to learn and grow. Sometimes you are not consciously aware of this.

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If you don’t learn the lesson the first time, it will come back and in another person, another circumstance and another experience.

When you are blaming others for your problems, you are shifting the attention and avoiding your healing. The more you avoid the problem, the larger the problem can become, thus making you fall into the category to ‘victim.’

3. Judgemental

Every time you judge, you are judging an aspect of your own shadow. Watch what you say about someone, then turn the words around and accept that, that is probably what you need to heal about yourself. Accept and alchemize within yourself.

If you are hard on yourself, it means that you’re not comfortable and content within yourself, it also means that you lack self-acceptance. When you judge, you are not only bringing an aspect of yourselves. You are reflecting your own perceptions into reality.

Sometimes even smart and successful people make bad choices, it makes then human, not stupid.

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4. Fear and anxiety

Fear is a quick way to derail you from your path to fulfillment and happiness. Fear and anxiety can cause you to take misguided action.

5. Guilt

It is one of the worst emotions to have, as it keeps you locked in your suffering moments. 

Most times, people do the best they can at that specific given time in their life.

You don’t have to stand up to anyone else’s standard. No one is perfect.

6. Worry and Control

Overthinking and worrying is a cause of lack of trust in yourself, God, or the universe.

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You cannot control everything in life. If you cannot change it, trust it will work out for the best and stop worrying. It does not help if you worry about things all the time, as it can affect your health both physically and mentally.

If you let go of the need to control and trust the process, you will be a lot happier, as everything happens for a reason. 

Trust yourself!

7. Expectations

No one can ever change your life for you. You are the master of your destiny. Happiness is an inside job, and happiness starts with you.

If your life is in disorder, and you are in a dead-end career or an unhappy marriage, you are the only one that can change that. 

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When you understand that everything around you, including your relationships, your homes, your standard of living, the clothes you wear, is a reflection of your inner world, then you will be able to understand where you need healing.

8. Limited beliefs

Almost everything is possible. You need to believe that it is and see the bigger picture. The sky is not the limit, but your mind is.

Programmed behavior of the way things should be or are, keep you locked into limiting beliefs.

9. Need to be right

The need to be right arises from the need to feel safe and the lack of trust. By establishing dominance over other people, it makes you feel secure.

By establishing dominance over others makes you feel secure. When you release the need always to be right, you will find inner peace.

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10. Change

Learn to love without attachment is one of the hardest lessons in life. Things come and go; nothing ever remains the same. If you cling to the old, you will miss new opportunities.

Do not waste time on people and projects that aren’t going to happen.

No one knows what the future brings: love without attachment, live without expectations, and perceive without judgment, and then you will find happiness.

Sometimes you focus on what we aren’t and you don’t see who you really are!

By allowing the unconscious to be conscious and illuminating the hidden aspects of your mind, you will be able to bring unsolved memories to the fore for healing and release. Look around you and find all of the things that are tiresome in your life, find the things that irritate your soul, and know that this is where your healing needs to happen.

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Every single day may not be good, yet there is something good in every day.

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