Simple Practices for a Better Life

Simple Practices for a Better Life

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Forget about home improvement and consider life improvement for then the latter will follow.

Here are some useful tips to get you on your way to happiness:

See it and believe it!

You need to picture yourself living the life you want. If you can do this, you are halfway there. The bigger, the better, here is possibly the first time that you have the right to be greedy. Like trying to sell something and you are not sure of the selling price, well if you start high, then you are sure to come out a winner.

While you are so busy being greedy, look at what you have, look at what you have achieved and be grateful. You had to start somewhere, so that means you are already on your way. A step closer to your goal.

With this gratitude, you are now practicing, take it one step further and learn to revel in the small things. The smell of your freshly laundered soft pajamas. There are people who cannot afford pajamas, and there are people without the means to wash their clothes.

How lucky are you for something we take so easily for granted. Do you hear the birds chirping in the morning while sipping your fresh cup of coffee? There are some people sleeping on the streets that only have a cup of coffee as a daily meal, that’s considered a good day. There are people who are deaf and blind. We don’t think about these things when we have no need for it.

Learn to show your true self.

In this fast-paced world we live in, we have built walls to protect ourselves. Sometimes these walls come in the form of a mask we wear when dealing with people. Do you ever smile at a stranger, greet someone and be interested in how they are doing? Do you find having different faces, different voice tones for different people and situations?  It becomes almost second nature to be superficial. Try not to be that person for it will most likely lead to you losing yourself.

Have you heard the saying ” Misery loves company”? A true statement! Here’s another “Birds of a feather flock together”. So the idea here is to engage with positive people and become positive yourself. There is simply no way that you can listen to problems all day and walk away with a smile on your face. I am not saying not to care about other peoples problems. If you know a person who never has any improvement and is always unhappy – chances are they are doing it to themselves. This relationship will drain you of your happiness, and soon you will be in the situation where you wish that you don’t have to see this person and then how are you helping?
The biggest fear of most people is change. What isn’t realised is that change will allow new growth or different opportunities and is this not what we are trying to achieve? Improvement means change, and without one there cannot be the other.
It is time to start listening to yourself. That inner voice is possibly the closest thing you will get to honesty; you need something like this to guide you. Be quiet, listen, interact. Let your Guide, guide you and you will never choose the wrong path.

The things that make you happy is the things you should do the most. That’s obvious, right? Not for many people.

How many people do you know that use alcohol to have a good time? This is not the way things are supposed to be. Try to realise what you like and nurture that. Don’t be afraid to try new things. As the saying goes “don’t knock it till you tried it”. It is essential for you to have happiness, this is possibly the reason to live. Think of a child’s laughter; it is infectious. You need to get back to that innocence. This is true happiness, innocent and real.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. We are all entitled to mistakes. We are our own worse critic, and this can sometimes lead to an unfortunate situation where we do not trust ourselves. You need to learn to be your own best friend.
You simply cannot be productive if you do not sleep enough. It is no surprise that sleep deprivation is a successful tool of torture.

You need to determine what is your true happiness. We are often misled by the media and society into believing what their interpretation of happiness is. No wonder people suffer from anorexia. True happiness is determined from within. Thank goodness not one of us are the same, so how then can we like the same things? It is not possible to go through life trying to keep up with the Joneses.

Love the life you have, live the life you Love. 

By Theresa
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