She Knows Her Worth – This Makes Her Positively Powerful


When a woman knows who she is and believes it, you can see the confidence when she walks into a room. Her presence commands the room. You stop to hear what she might have to say. People tend to find her intimidating.

These women have a powerful desire that drives them. They endure hard work and sacrifice on the way to the top. And will continue to do so to stay at the top.

She will not settle for anyone. While some woman feel that they need someone to love and complete them, she knows that she is enough. She will wait until she meets someone who will compliment her life. That would make life better for her, and until then, she would gladly remain single and focused on her own wellbeing.

There is always going to be competition. Her intelligence is her strength, and everything is intentional. A woman who made it to the top will dig her nails in deep to stay there. 

woman in business does not always have to look like a bodybuilder or bouncer. Oh no, she can wear a suit as naturally as she does a tiara. Her quiet demeanor and elegance underlie her delegation style. The scent of her perfume, her long eyelashes might all add to the sense of weakness. But it is the opposite.

The woman at the top does not need to sugar coat her opinion. You will know what she is thinking. You will understand why. You might even be grateful for the time she offered to assist you with bettering yourself. 

This woman believes in quality over quantity, and this shows in her choice of friends or partners. These people often have very few friends and stay single for long periods as they are so very selective. She would instead give gifts than receive. Her needs are few.

 These women are our future leaders.

How to become a powerful confident woman.

Diversify what makes you happy.
Move forward despite the fear.
Love yourself, unconditionally.
Acknowledge confidence comes from within.
Take action.

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